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Figure Competitor’s Diet

Figure Competitor's Diet
A Look Into A Figure Competitor’s Diet

A figure competitor’s diet is not your basic weight loss diet. A bit more detail goes into getting a competition body. If contest dieting was so transparent, then everyone would have a figure-body every day, right?

A competition diet is not rocket science, but it’s not a cake walk either. There is a precise combination of food in a formulated balance that comes into play to spark the body to let go of fat to be burned.   In addition, you can hang on to muscle mass much better.

This Needs to Comprise 45% of Your Diet

figure competitors dietComplete protein is the staple of any successful figure competitor’s diet. Without at least 45% protein while dieting down, you could lose precious muscle tissue. Your protein sources should come from lean meat, fatty fish, protein powders, eggs (1 yolk for every 4-6 egg whites), etc. If you fail to include a complete protein in a meal, it’s an incomplete meal for prep.

Manage and Curtail This as Needed

Carbs are an important part of a quality contest prep diet.  However, you also have to know when to eat carbs so you can use them as fuel and not store them as fat. A lot of competitors like to use carb-cycling to diet down. Carb-cycling is an effective means to keep the body off guard continually.

Slowly weaning your carbs out during your prep process will help you maintain your energy, get rid of body fat, and keep lean muscle. When your carbs get to the point they are low and remain that way, a little secret trick a lot of IFBB Figure Pros use is a simple re-feed day.

Use This for a Metabolic Boost

A re-feed day in a competitor’s diet can be implemented every 4th day to one week. This re-feed day causes a metabolic spark, burning more calories and body fat from out of now where! After a quality re-feed day you will notice more energy in the gym.  Also, your muscles will be fuller and you will be more defined. This is certainly a motivation factor as well.

Macro Shift

Another little secret top competitors use in their prep is making a macro-nutrient shift. As you carb-cycle you slowly wean carbs out, but you need to replace those calories so you add in essential fat. By lowering the carbs and adding essential fat your can lean up really quickly and even increase muscle hardness in just days.

Eliminate This The Last 30 Days

Finally, a figure competitor’s diet makes use of protein powders for convenience, but top IFBB Figure Pros eliminate protein powders the final month before their competition. They relay on 100% quality protein from natural sources. This is how they get a figure ready body that makes it to the pro circuit.

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