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Figure Competitions for Beginners

Here It Is… Figure Competitions for Beginners

figure competitions for beginners

Looking for a figure competitions for beginners?  When it comes to getting lean, cut, and defined nothing is more appealing than a well-prepped figure competitor on stage.  However, it’s important to note that to get on stage and compete, you need do a little bit of homework.  So, with that, let’s go over the in’s and out’s on figure competitions for beginners.

This Is Your First Step

Before you even think about competing you need to complete level one, your first step.  Your very first step is to build a solid muscle base.  I can say this until I’m three shades of blue in the face.  Even so, 99% of the women that step on stage for the first time will skip this step.  The results will show and placement will be low.

You should spend at least one solid year training to build muscle.  If you don’t have a solid foundation built to diet and prep on, you are going to waste away your muscle and appear depleted and stringy on stage. That’s not the look the judges want.

Figure competition for beginners have the same rules.  The judges look for the same qualities; muscle size, muscle separation, symmetry and proportion. If you fail to take the time to build muscle, you are doing yourself a great injustice for the competitive stage.

Process the Process

The entire course of building muscle and losing fat to compete is a process.  Women think they can go from 30% body fat to 8% body fat in 12 weeks.  A 22% body fat percentage drop can’t be done that quickly.  You need to know your starting point and determine where you want to be.  Depending on the amount of body fat you have to lose, it can take you 12 weeks to a full year to get your body fat at competition level. tells us, “It is much easier to get those last 5 pounds off with a metabolism that has only experienced a caloric deficit for 6-12 weeks, versus one that has been at it for 20 plus and has gone through more “hard dieting.” If you have 10 pounds to lose but have already lost 30 pounds, it is not going to be a pleasant ordeal.” The 12 week prep is designed to prep, not as a general weight loss system.  The 12 week prep is PREPARATION for getting your body tight and defined and you can’t do that at 30% body fat.

If you are over 20% body fat, then you have work to do before you can even think of starting a prep.  If you have an interest in figure competitions for beginners, here’s what you need to do.  Do your homework and start your prep at the starting line, not 3 miles behind the starting line.  Do your homework so you will be ready and look great for your show.

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If you need help with direction, no problem.  I have some information for you.  If you are over 20% body fat I highly recommend clicking the Weight Loss Program below to get you on a clean and steady path.   Stay on it as long as you like.  If you are less than 20% body fat, then you can start on the Figure Prep Program.  Both are step-by-step guides to get you to your end goal. See below…


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Let's get your program started.  If you have a bit of weight to lose first, you need to click the 1st link, the weight loss program.  If you are 20% body fat or less, you can click the second link, the Prep Program.

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