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Figure Competition Success Tips for the Newbie

figure competition success tips
Figure Competition Success Tips for the Newbie

If you are a newbie to the sport of figure and fitness, the mere thought of getting on the competitive stage in a skimpy suit could be all but terrifying… that is unless you have the little figure competition success tips and techniques to ensure your confidence and improve stage presence.

It’s not an absolute MUST to embody the perfect physique to compete in a figure contest. How you manage your nutrition, workouts, cardiovascular training, supplementation, tanning, posing, etc. can all provide you with an advantage and providing you with a close-to-perfect body so you can compete with a chance at placing, earning an award and even snagging first place.

To be successful, you need to set goals and create a simple plan of action and put these figure competition success tips into motion.

Figure Competition Success Tips #1

Generate a plan – Proper planning is vital with everything you want to do successfully. A plan is simply a sequence of events that take place to meet your goal. To begin your plan of action, begin by putting it in writing. Jot down your ultimate goal and then list all the steps it will take to make your final outcome a reality.

Your prep homework can involve reading eBooks on figure contests, watching competition DVDs, attending physique competitions, hiring a figure coach, networking with other competitors, etc.

Figure Competition Success Tips #2

Weight train to improve your physique – Noticeably, weight training is an essential part of prepping for a figure competition. However, there is more to working out than simply going to the gym and slinging the iron mindlessly.

It is important to follow a prearranged training program to make certain you build and keep your muscle size and density while you diet off the excess body fat.  A workout program can consist of weight training 5-6 days a week, grouping 1-3 muscle groups together.  Be familiar with your body so you can workout to advance your physique. Ideally, you want to build muscle and keep it. Don’t overtrain and start burning off lean muscle mass.

The cool thing about training with weights and doing cardio is that you can use them to completely reshape your body and sculpt it how you want it to look. If you don’t know your body type ask your coach and he or she can help put together the ideal exercise program to give you the perfect body.

Figure Competition Success Tips #3

Manage and Build – The absolutely sweet thing about competing in a figure competition is, even if you don’t have the “perfect” physique, you can still utilize various factors to form the illusion of having a perfect package.

For example, your skin tone can make or break you in a physique competition. Figure Competition Secrets reveals, “A good deep tan with proper skin dye application will make your muscles appear more pronounced and defined.”  The darker you can get with tanning, skin dyes and bronzers, the smaller you will appear “body fat-wise” and the harder you will look on stage.

Another advantage is, on stage there are very bright lights shining down directly on you. This is so the judges can see you better, plus it also creates shadows from the bottom portion of the muscles, making your look more muscular and harder. Pretty cool, huh?

In addition, how you pose can make your physique look entirely different on stage. Some tricks athletes use to make their physique look lean, muscular and well-defined is twisting ever so slightly on certain poses, such as moving an arm a few inches to show muscle definition in the serratus or angling the feet in such a way it brings out a muscular and defined sweep in their quads.

Use these figure competition success tips to your advantage and you’ll soon embody the perfect package.


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