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Figure Competition Secrets – Tips and Tricks

The Most Sought After Figure Competition Secrets

figure competition secrets

Do you need real figure competition secrets?  Well, are you planning to enter a figure contest? If so, you may notice that most of the women on the stage look nothing short of AMAZING. You may be wondering how they are able to obtain such a great physique. Believe it or not, they use precise techniques to dial-in the final days to get that hard, yet feminine look.

I am totally going to share with you some of the secret weapons competitors implement that last week before their show, also known as peak week, to dry out and dial-in.

Tight Abs

When competitors are lined-up on stage, have you never noticed how tight their abs are? Well, for one they train hard to develop their abs, and do cardio to burn off the excess body fat. Among the many secrets they use to draw-in their abs even harder and tighter is a simple little trick. What is the trick? It is simply rubbing Preparation H on their abs starting a day or two before the show to “shrink the swelling.” This tactic won’t make or break your placing, but every little bit helps!

Ripped And Vascular

It’s not uncommon for athletes to use such unique figure competition secrets.  In fact, one little trick many competitors use is they drink red wine before competing. Drinking red wine before your contest acts as a natural diuretic, excreting that last little bit of water to pull you in harder and tighter, the look the judges are looking for.  Red wine has other stage benefits says, “A cup of red wine about 30-60 minutes prior to taking the stage will lead to more pronounced vascularity in most muscle groups due to increased blood flow that causes your physique to appear fuller and more conditioned.”

These may seem like surface tricks, but if you do your homework in the form of proper dieting, cardio, and weight training, these last minute tricks do have their advantage. However, not all techniques you should use at the last minute.

Bread And Dairy?

You see, there are MANY figure competition secrets, tips, tricks, and techniques used by athletes. One secret weapon competitors use is cutting out bread and dairy from their diet the final weeks before their show. While bread and dairy are fine for the average fitness diet, they just won’t get you into contest shape. If you want to be lean, hard and finely detailed, it is best to wean off these two food items and focus on animal protein and veggies.

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