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What To Get In Order For Your Figure Competition Prep

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Are you interested in figure competition prep?  Have you thought about entering a figure contest?  Before you make the journey you need to know what all goes into the fine art of prep.  Prepping for a figure competition is not a one-shot process.

There are many factors that go into play such as:

  • Weight training to build lean muscle
  • Contest diet to control body fat
  • Cardio program to burn off excess fat stores
  • Natural supplements to aid in fat loss
  • Tanning for nice skin tone
  • Posing suit to highlight your body part’s
  • Heels to polish off your physique
  • Figure posing to display your physique
  • Skin dye or spray tan to create the illusion on stage
  • Mastering peak week to ensure you dial-in perfectly
  • Plus a whole lot more…

Below we’ll cover a few of the basics you need to have in order to get started.

Figure Competition Prep Diet

While this may seem like a lot, and it can be quite overwhelming for the first-time figure competitor.  However, it’s really pretty simple once you understand the process and have the right tools to apply.

You should be less than 19% body fat before beginning a prep diet.  A contest prep diet is to strip off fat and detail the muscle.  If your body fat is too high to start, you can’t achieve the goal.  If your body fat is over 19%, spend some time losing weight first.  It’s better to lower your body fat first and diet for 12-14 weeks then trying to do a 16-20 week prep.

An easy way to get started with your competition prep is to begin to eat a clean diet that is balanced.   A diet at 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat is a good start.  The idea being this macro-nutrient percentage split is to support muscle while fat is lost.

Weight Training

Weight training is a part of the process of building a stage-ready body.  You need to have at least one good year of training under your belt before you attempt to compete.  Failure to give at least a year to build the foundation will leave you soft on stage.

Your training doesn’t have to change that much when you enter your prep stage.  You built the muscle with heavy weight training and you should keep that up as much as possible during your prep so you can keep that muscle.

When your strength beings to lag due to the intense dieting, you can amp-up your intensity by lowering rest between sets or add in Weider Training Principles.  The fat loss comes in your diet and cardio, not weight training.

Posing Suit and Heels

As the weeks pass, keep up with your diet and training program.  Begin looking for a figure posing suit and heels. At this time start learning and practicing your posing. Be sure to practice your posing and walk in your posing heels since you will be wearing them on stage. You need to get comfortable with walking and posing in them as soon as possible.

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