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Figure Competition Over 50

Competing in a Figure Competition Over 50 and Winning

Figure Competition Over 50 Missy

Entering a figure competition over 50 shouldn’t seem like an impossible task.  Women over 50 are doing it all the time.  These days, fitness is mainstream and women are coming out of their shells after having kids and careers to accomplish their fitness goals.  So, if you are over 50 and think it’s too late for you, think again.

Above is Missy Taylor. She dropped 50 pounds and competed in her first figure competition at the age of 52. See more of Missy’s pics.

Masters Division Figure Competition Over 50

The women’s master division for figure competitions breaks the classes apart by age rather than height was with the novice and open classes.  This allows for women of different ages over 35 an opportunity to compete against their peers without being over shadowed.

Usually, the masters class starts at 35.  Some of the larger shows offer more master categories including Masters 40, Masters 45, and even Masters 50.  The various master classes allow for more women to compete and still be competitive against their own age class rather than competing next to a 25 year old.

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for the over 50 category is the same as for the rest of the figure divisions.  Competitors are judged on

  • Muscularity
  • Definition
  • Symmetry and Proportion

In figure, the judges are not looking for extreme muscle mass.  They want the muscular build with leanness so there is noticeable muscle definition.  Figure competitors don’t need to get super shredded in order to compete and place well.  The judges are looking for the complete package of muscle, definition and overall balance.

How to Start Your Figure Competition Journeyred arrow pointing down

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