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Figure Competition Diet to Get You Lean

Your Figure Competition Diet Can Make Or Break You

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You are here because you are looking for a figure competition diet to get you super lean and defined.   Who could blame you?  Chances are, you have been thinking about competing in a local competition.  Yes, just the thought of it can be a little intimidating.  Doing so will mean that you will be stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping onto the figure stage.  With the right plan, you CAN be right up there with the other competitors and even look like a seasoned pro.

It’s All About Nutrient Density

To be your absolute best in your figure contest it’s necessary that you use the right meal plan for your personal body.  You will need a good amount of calories from nutrient-dense foods to keep your metabolism charged.  As you diet down you will eventually lower your calories a little to help burn off the excess fat stores.  You can keep your metabolism running high and lose body fat by eating several small balanced meals a day.

Control Calories

What makes your figure competition diet interesting is that you are not stuck into just lowering calories.  You may want to keep those steady for a while and try lowering your carbs.  Carbs are excellent for energy and building muscle, but to flip the switch to fat burning, low carbs can usually be a great tool.   Lower your carbs gradually so you don’t shut down your energy.  A good way is to just remove the complex carbs late in the day and replace them with non-starchy veggies.  This is a simple and sure-fire way to melt body fat.

Best Way to Eat Protein

Your figure competition diet needs to be moderate to high in protein so you can maintain your muscle.  The best way to get enough protein in each day is to eat a small balanced meal, complete with protein, every three hours.

Fats in, Fats Out

Also, essential fats are an important part of your figure competition diet. A lot of competitors shy away from fat, assuming that they will gain fat.  That’s nonsense.  Your body requires a certain amount of essential fat to function properly. Essential fats can include natural peanut butter, avocados, nuts and seeds, olive and peanut oil, etc.

The Watery Truth about Figure Competition Dietred arrow pointing down

Remember to drink your water in your figure competition diet.   Your body is composed primarily of water and protein.  Both have to be supplied on a continual basis every day. In addition, by drinking enough water, it will flush fat and toxins out of your body, making you leaner and more defined.

It’s no surprise that a well-rounded and balanced figure competition diet works best for losing body fat and keeping muscle. Use this information your figure prep.


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Wait, That's Not All

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