Attention Women Interested in Competing in a Female Bodybuilding Competition...

"Breakthrough Studies Developed A Proven Female Bodybuilding Competition Prep Plan."
Starting Today You Can Manipulate Your Diet And Workouts In Such A Way That You Trick Your Body Into Building Muscle And Burning Fat At The Same Time...
... And You Literally Transform Your Body And Step On Stage In Just 12 Weeks.

FACT: 90% of the ladies prepping for their female bodybuilding competition are dieting completely wrong, causing them to Lose Muscle and Gain Fat.

FACT: Most women training for contest prep are using the wrong training sequence, preventing potential muscle development, harming the final product brought to the stage.

FACT: The majority of women getting ready for their female bodybuilding competition have no idea how to pose to show off their strong muscle groups and end up just showing the judges their worst features.


Anyone, any size, any shape, and any body type can compete in a female bodybuilding competition. It's not how massive and manly you can get, it's how well you can build each muscle group and how well you can strip off the body fat. And I can 100% guarantee you that if I, a 5'3 ectomorph from the swamps of southern Louisiana, can do it and win Overall, anyone can.

But don't just listen to me. Look what Laurie Poole accomplished...

before and after transformatrion


I Can Show You PROVEN Tips And Tactics To CUT And DEFINE Your Muscles, Allowing You To Place Higher And Even WIN Your Female Bodybuilding Competition!

You Are About To Learn The Truth About Female Bodybuilding Competition Prep And How To Build The Perfect Package...

side chest poseWhat if you had to step on the bodybuilding stage in your posing RIGHT NOW to have an honest critique about your physique?

It's okay. We're just playing the 'what if' game. Go ahead, imagine it.

Yeah, you probably cringed and didn't stand on the imaginary stage in your posing suit for too long. Why? Is it your lack of muscle mass, too much body fat, or just don't have the shape for it?

There's no right or wrong answer. You just need to identify what action needs to be taken to get you contest-ready.

Now, what if I could give you access to a full and complete, step-by-step Female Bodybuilding Competition Prep Program that outlined ALL the details regarding contest dieting to get lean, prep training to build muscle, cardio to burn fat, and even precise information on posing, music choice, judging, posing suit recommendations, contest color and skin dyes, peak week techniques, cutting supplement stacks, etc...?

If you have ALL that information, literally right at your fingertips, I bet you will feel more comfortable and confident that you would be stage-ready in just 12 weeks from now.

The truth is, you made it THIS far on this web page. This tells me that you have a real interest in taking your physique to the competitive level and competing in a female bodybuilding competition. I can't blame you. It's a thrill. There's nothing like it in the world and it's something you should experience.

Female Bodybuilding is still alive and thriving. This category allows women to build and display their muscle mass with very low body fat so the muscle detail, and even striations are visible. The female bodybuilding competition is broken up into various weight classes, light weight, middle weight, light-heavy weight, heavy weight. This way, you are never outweighed by the bigger women that enter. You'll always compete against women in YOUR weight class.

If you ever had an interest in competing in a Female Bodybuilding Competition and were lost and confused on what to and how to go about it, there is a systematic format for you to follow and it's proven to work.



I Can Show You How To Build And Keep Muscle While You Diet Off Your Body Fat So You Can Bring The Perfect Package To The Stage And Win

Hey, I'm Karen Sessions, NSCA-CPT, National Level NPC Natural Female Bodybuilder, and author of Female Bodybuilding Contest Prep.

karen sessions posingI started my bodybuilding career in 1988! To build muscle and get lean enough to compete I put in many hours of training, tinkered with various dieting formats, and a lot of testing to see what worked and what didn't.

I took time and dabbled with different competition diets, training formats, and cardio tactics and eventually decoded the female bodybuilding contest equation.

FINALLY, I had developed a successful all natural female bodybuilding competition prep system that put me on a winning streak, earning me TONS of awards, First Places, and Overall Titles. It was a wild ride and I wouldn't trade it for Anything In The World!

The changes that I made in my physique after applying my Contest Prep System we so amazing that I even received generous compliments from the judges when I attended shows as a spectator!

I STRATEGICALLY Selected All The RAW INFORMATION on Contest Dieting And Training Tactics, Leaving Out All The Fluff... And After YEARS Of Trial And Error I Extracted The PREFECT Female Bodybuilding Competition Blueprint.

I spent years reading, researching and using myself as a guinea pig via trial and error... So now you can female bodybuilding contest prepuse the EXACT same natural contest prepping system I used to get full muscle bellies and finely detailed muscles on stage and even take home a First Place award and Overall Title.

Nothing like this has ever hit the market. You are the first to come across this unique and precise information on all the in's and out's of how to get contest ready in just 12 weeks.

Karen Sessions - Author of Female Bodybuilding Contest Prep

Taking It To The Next Level

female bodybuilding posing

Why Most Women Never Make It To The Stage...

The most devastating thing you can do in your female bodybuilding competition prep program is start your diet off on no to low-carbs. I know that fat loss is the goal, but you have a solid 12 weeks (that's 3 months, a quarter of a year) to diet the fat off.

Even so, many women will start off 12 weeks out on an extremely low-carb, low-cal, low-sodium diet. I can't be more frank when I say that's 100%, without a doubt, absolutely DEAD WRONG. Do that and you'll crash and quite within the first two weeks... if you make it THAT long!

Look, I'm with you. Lowing calories and even carbs will help pull that fat down. BUT, it is a process and you just can't jump into it cold turkey.

The trick to burn the candle at both ends and use your diet as a fat loss catalyst and then adopt cardio as the stepchild, stepping in to help with the process. This way you can actually control what's going on in your body and ensure you lose fat and keep all your muscle.

Cool deal, right?


But That's Not It... There's ANOTHER Trap...

Yeah, it's not all black and white on the surface. The second issue you need to gain control over is your training. Yeah, I can hear you, you have it in the bag, right? Maybe, but maybe not.

More often than not I see competitors totally screwing up their training only 3 weeks into their program. If you start making the wrong kind of training tweaks too far out, you'll burn up your muscle, and the result is your body begins to start hoarding, and even GAINING body fat!

I'm not here to burst anyone's bubble, but girl, if you are going to get on stage in less than a year of material and go through the Mandatory Poses, you need to have some well-defined muscle on that frame. You get where I'm coming from?


Now You Can FINALLY Get Your Hands On Everything From Contest Dieting and Training to Pumping-Up Backstage...

The ONLY other thing you need is simple determination, and if you made it this far, you have it so let's get youfemale bodybiulding contest prepstarted on your first week, shall we?

If you are READY to take the bull by the horns and start your prep full-force, head one, you NEED this female bodybuilding competition prep system. Hands down, there's no other on the market like it.

With this eBook you'll be able to Gain the Confidence you need to take your physique to the contest level:

1. Build head-turning muscle
2. Burn body fat and get super lean
3. Cutting methods that work
4. Refine and sculpt your physique into a work-of-art


Here's EVERYTHING You Get in your Female Bodybuilding Competition Package...



Contest Prep Diet

With this program you'll also learn all the foods you need to eat to build muscle and lose fat and the most important foods to AVOID!

Discover how to use a cheat day to your advantage, when to take it, how much you should eat, and when to omit it from your prep.

You'll learn how to figure out how many calories, protein, fats, and carbs you need to drop body fat like a boss and how to tweak your diet if you happen to hit a plateau.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

contest prep diet


Cutting Stacks

With this you'll learn the role and function of supplements in general and the pros and cons and what you need to be aware of when buying supplements.

You'll learn all the supplements can choose to include in your prep to build and maintain muscle mass and all the supplements you need for getting lean and cut.

Not only that, I'll instruct you when to take which supplement, how much to take, when to take, and when to wean off so you pull in hard and dry for your comp. I'll also provide more than one (when applicable) high-quality name brand.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today


cutting stacks


Peak Week Techniques

Peak Week Techniques includes tips on hair styles, the supplements you should avoid during peak week to avoid water retention on stage, cardio formats for peak week, carb-depleting and loading, how to carb-up if you are carb-sensitive, a precise carb-sensitive peak week plan, the importance of water during peak week and how to successfully lower it in a healthy way.

You'll also learn how to take herbal water pills properly if you choose to take them. As a bonus, I also include the proper way to take Lasix and Aldactone. Many women take them for their competition and I prefer you to have the RIGHT information rather than going though it blindly and haphazardly.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

peak week techniques


Posing Suit and Music

Here you'll learn how to choose the best posing music that the judges and audience will respond do. You'll learn how far in advance to choose and cut it, the minutes you need and how to blend music if you choose to you 2 or more songs.

You'll also learn how to choose the best posing suit and style for your skin tone, hair color and physique build. I'll also share with you a whole listing of resources for suit designers. We'll also cover how to prevent suit mishaps on stage, how to choose the best oil and apply it, and even little tricks to pull your abs in harder.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

posing suit and music


Skin Prep Tan and Color

With this information hand you'll learn all the tips on how to prep your skin and all the mistakes to avoid so you don't damage your skin.

I'll cover tanning methods and how to master each so you always tan and never burn. We'll cover all the instant skin dyes such as Pro Tan and Jan Tana and even the popular spray tan option.

We'll cover the fine art of tattoos and how to deal with them so they aren't a distraction.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today


skin prep tan and color


Training and Cardio

We'll cover how many times to train each muscle group and when you can train a muscle group more often, how much rest time to take and how to implement training principles to boost fat loss. We'll determine how much weight you should be lifting for x amount of reps and when you should lower your poundage.

We'll cover how to master fat loss with cardio including how to avoid cardio adaption, how to use and make progressive cardio successful, how to apply various forms of Intensity Training to trick your body into fat loss, and when to plug-in fasted cardio

As a bonus, we'll discuses what forms of cardio to do if you have thick legs you want to get leaner or if you have thin legs that you want to keep your size on.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

training and cardio


Posing and Judging

Here you'll learn what EXACTLY what the judges are looking for and how to bring it to them. You'll learn about the height classes and which one you'll fall into.

I'll cover detailed information on the judging criteria and the precise elements the judges are looking for so your presentation will be outstanding.

You'll learn how to do your quarter turn poses for pre-judging, how you're scored, what's expected at the evening show and how to quality for nationals. You'll learn the 5 women's physique poses and how to master each like a pro.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

posing and judging


Body Fat Testing and Assessment

In this component you will learn how to do a body assessment and how to make improvements on each assessment.

You'll learn how to take your body fat, information on body fat testing devices, how many weeks you need to prep, and what your body fat should be once you step on stage.

Everything is hands-on and guided so you never miss a beat.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

body fat testing and assessement


Post-Comp Survival

In this you'll learn what post-comp rebounding is and why it happens and how to prevent post-comp rebounding.

You'll learn how to diet the right way after your comp, how to do cardio, and when to get back into training. You'll learn how to cycle off certain natural supplements and when it's okay to include other supplements.

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

post comp survival


Customized Training

Lastly, I'll be sending you updated customized training programs routinely that are formatted to zone-in 100% on eah and every body part.

These trainings will keep your workouts progressive and fresh to constantly overstep any sneaky plateaus.

That's right. I thought of everything and pulled out all the stops. It's time YOU finally took your physique to the competitive level. If you don't do it now, when will you??

Value: $27 - No Added Cost Today

custom training



your price

Yep, you read that right. You will only pay $47 to receive my incredible women's muscle-building system to boost muscle gains and strength in record time.

But, you must hurry... This special introductory offer will not last long. This is much too valuable and in too much demand to keep it at this ridiculous low price!

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