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Female Bodybuilding Diet

female bodybuilding dietFemale Bodybuilding Diet

A female bodybuilding diet is built on structure, plain and simple.  If you want to build muscle and lose fat you have to implement a well thought-out diet to take your body to that level.  The problem many women run into with their female bodybuilding diet is lack of quality information.  Far too many women are under-eating and it never allows them the opportunity to build muscle to a greater degree.

Follow these pointers to structure your own female bodybuilding diet to take your physique to the next level.

click here bodybuilding boxThis Builds Muscle

To build muscle you have to include complete protein in your diet.  Serious bodybuilders eat a lot of protein on a daily basis to build muscle.  Every living cell in your body is constructed of protein.

Protein is an important part of your female bodybuilding diet. It’s the major component of hair, skin, nails, brain, heart, muscles, and hormones. It’s needed for cellular function and transportation, digestion maintenance, proper growth of muscles, water balance, and tissue repair.  With proteins constant workload, reserves are quickly used and protein needs to be eaten often.

Have a serving of protein every 3 hours in a balanced meal.  Great choices are chicken, turkey, fish, steak, eggs, deer, cornish hen, etc.  Any animal protein will do.

This Provides Energy

To have the power to put 100% into every workout you need to include carbs in your diet for energy purposes.

Carbs are protein-sparing and they provide fuel for working muscles. They are important when you are building muscle because they increase glycogen stores which are necessary for protein synthesis and anabolism.  Brian St. Pierre at tells us, “[Carbs] Preserves muscle and liver glycogen. This tells your brain that you are well fed, and helps increase muscle retention and growth.” Carbs also send amino acids and other nutrients to the muscles. If your glycogen stores become depleted from lack of carbs, then your training and muscle growth will suffer.

Carbs are not evil as mainstream will have you believe.  They have their place in a female bodybuilding diet.  Choose fruit, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes, potatoes, oatmeal, etc.

This Builds Hormones

Hormones are part of the muscle building and fat loss process, and taking in the proper amount of essential fat will get you to that level.  Fat is the one thing people are always trying to shed from their bodies, yet it is also the important macronutrient in losing body fat and balancing your hormones.   Reducing fat from your diet can be beneficial in controlling your calories.  However, completely eliminating fat can result in a fat deficient condition.

Eating essential fat supports the functions of the nervous and immune system, assists in the absorption and transportation of vitamins and minerals, regulates your body temperature, influences the production of hormones, improves insulin production, boost your metabolism for increased fat loss, etc.

Fat should be eaten from quality sources such as lean cuts of red meat, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados, and flax seed oil.

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