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Fat Loss Supplements – Worth It or Hoax?

The Truth About Fat Loss Supplements

Recently I asked a question on my Figure Competition FanPage “what are your favorite fat loss supplements?”  To my surprise, I received an array of answers.  There were only a few good answers and countless unacceptable answers.  They were unacceptable for a number of reasons which I will address below.

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Unacceptable Answer: “Diet”

OMG, she said diet is an unacceptable answer!  Yes, I did because the question was “what are your favorite fat loss supplements?”

Diet is the FOUNDATION of nutrition and should be a given before you even think about supplementing.  A supplement is an addition to your figure diet program.

Unacceptable Answer: “Commitment and Motivation”

Motivation is what gets you started and commitment is what keeps you dedicated.  Neither one of theses have anything to do with fat loss supplementation.

Unacceptable Answer: “Is There Really Such A Thing?”

Yes.  There have been supplements for overall health, muscle building and fat loss for YEARS!  You see, a supplement enhances or completes your nutrition.  When you add oil to your car’s engine, you supplement with a funnel so you don’t spill oil all over the engine.  It was really a basic question that so many people made so complicated.

Some of the above are a given.  You need to be motivated and dedicate yourself to eating right and working out, but a fat-loss product has nothing to do with that. A supplement is an addition to enhance.

So, some of the answers that I was looking for were Absolute Fuel, Garcinia Cambogia (excellent one in my opinion), and Muscle Pharms Shred Matrix.

Absolute Fuel

Absolute Fuel is concoction of herbs that work with one another to provide energy.  It’s not a drug, it’s not a steroid.  It’s a combination of herbs, straight from Mother Nature, and it’s totally legal.

This product can help boost fat loss by increasing your metabolism and keeping blood sugar more stable, as well as leveling off your appetite.  It’s pretty nifty stuff if you want to give it a try.

Shred Matrix by MusclePharm

This is an interesting fat-loss product.  It has 8 stages to kill the appetite and burn more body fat.  This unique blend seems to be safe, yet powerful to drop fat by using your body’s multitude of energy pathways.  A bonus is that it can improve energy, mood, mental function, and overall alertness.  That’s something you need when dieting hard for a figure competition.

This product is known for its ability to kick the appetite, especially sugar cravings, leaving you feeling pretty good with no jittery feeling.

Garcinia Cambogia (HCA)

This is one of my personal favorites.  I’ve used it off and on since probably 1995.  It’s from a fruit found in India.  It has a natural compound (-) hydroxycitric acid (HCA).  While HCA is comparable to the acids in citrus fruits, it does contain different properties, an unusual one being the capability of prompting fat loss.  It does so in a variety of natural ways that most figure competitors find simply amazing.  The best part of all, no jitters and it stops out the appetite when taking properly.

Here’s the bottom line.  First and foremost is proper diet and exercise, including weight training and cardio.  When you hit a plateau on your fat-loss endeavors, you can opt to implement a fat-loss supplement such as a thermogenic or appetite suppressant.  That’s what supplements are, and addition to enhance what you are currently doing.  Give Garcinia Cambogia a try by Clicking Here.

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