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Fat Loss Strategies for Contest Prep

Check Out These Fat Loss Strategies for Contest Prep Used By The Pros

fat loss strategies for conteste prep

Admit it, you need some solid fat loss strategies because contest prep is something you have seriously thought about.  However, you shy away, scared you don’t think you can get in shape or don’t believe you have the dedication to make it through the intense dieting and training program involved with it.

If this describes you to the letter, then I have some good news for you. I’m going to share with you some interesting fat loss strategies for contest prep. With these guidelines you will have the competitive advantage to look and act like a pro, even if it is your very first time stepping on the stage.

What You Fail to Eat Keeps You Fat
Fat Loss is a Two-Way Street

Okay, first I’m going to hit you with the blatant facts regarding contest prep. Your diet will make or break your physique; plain and simple.   Here’s the REAL catch though… You are, obviously, what you put into your body. But more importantly, you are what you fail to put into your body.  Pay attention… Here are some overlooked fat loss strategies.

Basically, you are what you eat, but you are also what you FAIL to eat.

Let me explain…

  1. The apparent: If you eat a lot of highly processed carbs and trans fat and eat too many calories you will gain weight and get fat. That is evident. You are what you eat.
  2. The not-so-apparent: If you fail to eat enough fibrous veggies and drink an abundance of water your body won’t release body fat to be burned. You are what you fail to eat.

So, most people “get” the apparent, you are what you eat, even kids understand this. What most people, even figure and physique athleteswoman deciding dieting goal Fat Loss Strategies for Contest Prep, don’t “get” is that failing to have the proper nutrients in the right amounts flowing on a consistent basis will prevent fat burning, and I mean stop it dead in its tracks.

How does NOT eating the correct foods halt fat loss? Good question. It’s really quite simple. High-quality foods, those containing nutrients your body can use for building purposes, energy purposes, and elimination purposes rank as proper foods for body transformations due to the fact that they build muscle and burn fat. It’s a fact that nutrient-dense foods supply vitamins, minerals, fiber, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients necessary for health, muscle growth and fat loss.

Sure, you can lose some weight by lowering calories and even carbs. However, if you eat a lot of fibrous carbs and drink adequate water, you’d be surprised at how body fat will just start literally melting off your body.

Bottom line, eat a balanced diet that is natural and packed with fibrous veggies and drink a lot of water in your contest prep.  That’s one of the best fat loss strategies I can tell you.

No Crazy Dieting Tactics
Unless it is 100% Absolutely Necessary

Try carb-cycling, wait, cutting carbs works, but what about re-feeding? Wait, I got it, throw in a cheat meal. Oh wait, gluten-free is the latest craze.  No, do a low-fat diet, or was that a high-fat diet?.  Oh, no, it was the Keto Diet.  Yes, the Anabolic Diet or the ABCDE Program. Yes, there was an ABCDE “Diet”(Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet Exercise).  These are not fat-loss strategies.

These examples are EXACTLY why I don’t jump on the bandwagon of the new kid on the block mentality. What is all so intriguing and promising typically delivers little if any results. Now, I can’t say that all of these are belly-up like dead fish in the water. I’ve seen the one or two dedicated athletes implement one or a few of the above diets. A trainer I partnered with in 1997-1998 gave his all to the Anabolic Diet. It worked for him as long as he did it. Once it was over, so was he. He swole-up like a Macy’s Day Float because the diet was just too rigid for the average person.

Here’s What Works

Listen, some of these contest prep dieting tactics work and others are meant for the hardcore person that lives the lifestyle day in and day out, eating 100% to their particular structured program for the long-haul, only taking a cheat meal every other weekend at best. Yes, those people do exist, I know a few.

woman making fitness plans on laptop Fat Loss Strategies for Contest PrepFor the rest of the athletes that live a little outside of the box, some of the tactics such as refeeds and cheats work when strategically placed into a contest prep program.

However you really need to know your body before you implement such tactics. The best way to learn how your body responds to certain dieting tactics is to get on a baseline format for a good 6 weeks. This allows your body to adapt to a certain format of eating. Then, once you implement a shock tactic your body will respond. From there you will have information of how that tactic worked, and you will know better how to implement it into your figure diet.

Bottom line, follow a balanced and natural baseline diet for a set amount of time to set your metabolism and your metabolic responses. Once you create a nutritional pattern for your body to follow, tossing in dietary shock tactics and amp-up fat loss.

Avoid Protein Drink Chaos
Avoid the 2 Scoop Mentality

Sure, protein drinks do have their place in a contest prep program, but far too many women are taking in too much protein for their body weight. Keep in mind that even protein, in excess, can be stored as body fat. Many novice web sites advocate 2 scoops of protein powder relentlessly.  This is taking the blind approach, assuming all protein powders2 scoops protein meme are alike and all figure competitors are alike.

Shannon Clark, expert fitness author at states, “The muscle mass you build will largely depend on whether you’re doing physical training like lifting weights. And any excess protein that isn’t broken down by the body and used as an energy source (depending on how many carbs and fats you’re consuming, as well as your activity level) will be stored as body fat.”

Be careful. Read your labels, as protein drinks from different companies vary in the amount per scoop. Sometimes 2 scoops of protein equals 50+ grams of protein per serving. If your protein needs for your body type is 145 grams a day, and you take 50 grams in for one meal, then you have to cut your protein down below 20 grams for the next 5 meals!

Bottom line, decide how much protein you need for your body type, stats, and activity level and space it out throughout the day. If you require 145 grams of protein a day, that averages about 24 grams of protein for 6 meals.

The Bottom Line…red arrow pointing down

I understand the confusion about dieting to lose body fat.  Look, dieting down to a low body fat percentage doesn’t have to be hard. You just need the RIGHT information.   Now, you can join over 73,000 others and get in on the real information and get real results.  Get my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course and start making changes this week.  See below to get started….


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