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Difference Between a Contest and Weight Loss Diet

Learn The Difference Between a Contest and Weight Loss Diet

Difference Between a Contest and Weight Loss Diet

Have you ever wondered difference between a contest and weight loss diet?  Do you want to get a contest-ready body, look like a fitness model, or actually compete on stage?  If so, you need this information.  It’s critical that you understand that a contest diet is much different than a weight loss diet.   Your family, friends, or co-workers may be on a weight loss diet.  To compete, you need to be on a contest prep diet.

Weight Loss Diet

It’s no surprise, but weight loss programs are a dime-a-dozen. You have your choice of fad diets.  There’s the low-carb, the low-fat, the fat-free, and the gluten-free diet.  Let’s not forget,Weight Watchers, South Beach, The Abs Diet, The 17 Day Diet and so on…  The weight reduction program choices are virtually endless. Just check out the diet and nutrition section in your local book store. You will either leave totally confused or leave with $1,000 worth of weight loss diet books to decipher.

A weight reduction program is just that, a program to drop weight. Weight can come off in the form of water, fat, lean muscle tissue, mineral deposits, bone, as well as connective tissue. If you are successful at a general fad diet, most of the loss will be from water and muscle. You will just end up being smaller, with no body shape or transformation.

There are 2 Problems with Mainstream Fad Diets

First, nearly all of the mainstream diets fail to provide enough calories or the correct amount of macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) to ignite fat loss. This is one of the main reasons most people fail on a general weight loss diet. Basic fad diets are full of imbalances.

Second, a fad diet doesn’t teach a healthy lifestyle change or how to create new healthy eating habits. This leads to a pigeon-hole effect, making the person a slave to the diet. If they ever get off the program, they will rebound to their original weight and add more weight.

However, if you can learn how to incorporate a healthy eating plan into your life EVERY DAY, you will never end up being a slave to a diet. You can live a healthy lifestyle, be fit, look hot, and enjoy life.

You see, most weight loss diets focus on low calories.  Low calories are fine, but they also employ lowering and/or removing an important macronutrient.  That’s bad because it throws off the balance of the meal and the diet. When your diet lacks certain necessary nutrients your body cannot function optimally.

So, that brings us to how a contest diet can help you create a new body and life by cycling calories and carbs and by eating protein to build muscle as well as by eating fat to provide energy and to balance your hormones.

Contest Diet

You are probably on this page because you want to learn more about a contest diet rather than just a fad diet. Great, so let’s roll with it…

If you want to transform your body so you look athlete, then I strongly advise you to drop weight loss and fad diets. You need a prep diet precisely designed to feed and fuel your muscles for high intensity weight training and muscle recovery.

A proper contest diet includes whole and natural foods, those which come primarily from nature.  If you can hunt it, pick it, gather it, fish it, or harvest it, your body can use it to help transform your physique. Typically, if it’s in a box or can it’s loaded with chemicals that your body can’t use for muscle building or fat loss.

A prep diet generally involves eating 4-6 balanced meals a day, generally spaced out about every 3 to 4 hours. Frequent feedings allow you to keep your blood sugar balanced and to keep a positive nitrogen balance for muscle building purposes. If your blood sugar drops you can get light headed and it can trigger mad cravings, causing you to dip into the cookie jar. By eating a balanced meal or snack every 3-4 hours you can control and manage these fine details.  This helps you stay in control of your diet.

By eating a balanced meal plan you can command your body to lose fat, all the while holding on and even building muscle. In doing this, your body will literally transform right before your eyes in just a week or two.

Shaving Off Too Many Calories and Carbs Too Quickly

The trick to making a prep diet successful is to begin by eating enough calories and carbs to support your metabolism, weight training, and cardio sessions. Slowly, over the course of several weeks, reduce and/or cycle your calories and carbs as needed.

A successful prep diet suggests you eat your body weight x 12 in calories, with about 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat. Therefore, if you are 140 pounds, your prep diet dietary breakdown would be something like this:

140 x 12 = 1680 calories
40% protein = 168 grams of protein
30% carbs = 126 grams of carbs
30% fat = 56 grams of fat

A lot of competitors enjoy a cheat day once a week in their prep plan. You need to be mindful if you decide to take a cheat day. Keep in mind that a cheat day is just that, the ONE designated day you allow yourself a cheat. Your cheat can be anything you want. You are not limited.  However, in order for this cheat day to be effective, you need to make sure it’s limited to one day a week. If you go over this one day cheat you will begin putting body fat on.

How To Create a Contest Diet (The Tried-And-True Secrets)red arrow pointing down

A successful contest diet plan is balanced and allows enough calories for activities of daily living.  The calories are also used for grueling, high intensity workouts. With the right prep diet you can lose fat, build muscle, transform your physique, and even take it to the competitive stage with a chance at earring a trophy and placing in the top 3.  Now, if you are serious about fat loss and getting on stage and compete, I highly recommend you downloading my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course.  See below…


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