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Hi Karen,

"These diets are AMAZNING! I see a difference in the way my clothes fit and I'm seeing definition on the medial side of my thighs that wasn't there before. I'm also seeing a little hint of my glutes when I flex. I wear scrubs most of the time (work), and gym style clothing at home, so I don't always notice changes in my clothing until I go out and want to put on my blue jeans... I have to use belts now to hold up my skinny" pants!"

Annette N.


Hey Karen,

"BIG CHANGES!! I can really see a difference in abs, hips and thighs. My clothes that I wore when we first started are too lose. The size 8 pants that I bought fit well this week! Also, I can see my biceps when I move my arms! They look great! Thanks for these prep diets.

Melissa T



"I downloaded your "Contest Prep Diets & Recipes" for some meal plans, and the Cajun rub REALLY saved me so much stress. You have NO idea, I've been eating plain chicken for almost 8 months now trying to build a habit. I marinated it in all sorts of low fat dressings etc. but never could taste them after cooking. At one point, my chicken and the paper plate I microwave it on at work flaked together on a daily basis so I would end up with a mouth full of both cardboard and chicken- completely unable to tell which was which.

Anyway, your rub plus the George Foreman Grill I just bought INSTANTLY turned one of my least favorite meals into something DELICIOUS!"

Julie L.


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