Are You Looking For A SOLID Contest Prep Diet For Your Competition?

Learn 3 Proven Principles About Contest Prep Diets That Will Melt Body Fat Like HOT Butter!

By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT
Certified Trainer and Prep Coach

Did you know that most Contest Prep Diets are SO POORLY designed that they cause FAT GAIN and Muscle Loss?

The scale may show a drop in pounds, but the NASTY Truth is that you actually LOST Muscle! A decrease in lean muscle results in complete metabolic destruction which sets you up for:

  1. More muscle loss
  2. Increased fat gain
  3. Hormone imbalances
  4. Ravenous appetite
  5. Weight gain that won't budge
  6. Depression

Ask ANY competitor who was on a poorly structured Prep Diet, they will tell you the horror stories.

Sadly, you may not Even Know what to look for when you are presented with a Contest Diet. And SHOCKINLY, many of the Prep Diets online are not even structured to target body fat.. AT ALL!

But... The GOOD news is you can actually side-step the Contest Diet confusion by implementing these 3 Proven Facts about Competition Diets which I'm about to TOTALLY expose...

These 3 Proven Principles Reveal EXACTLY How You Can LITERALLY Transform Your Body By Losing Body Fat Every Week, WITHOUT Starving OR Crash Dieting... ALL By Eating GREAT Tasting Meal Plans Using Delicious Recipes PRECISELY Designed For Contest Prep...

Fair Enough? Awesome... So now I'm going to let you in on these 3 Proven Principles that you need to implement to DESTROY body fat...


Implement A Caloric-Deficit Platform, In Moderation, To ZONE-IN On Body Fat Without EVER Destroying Your Metabolism...

No Doubt... You will need to implement some caloric adjustments to lose body fat. When you lower calories your body will notice the drop and you WILL lose some weight. Mission Accomplished!

HOWEVER, this GREAT feat is short-lived... When you maintain low calories for an indefinite amount of time your body begins to adjust to the new, very low, caloric intake. Your, once successful fat-loss method, has now reared its ugly head and challenged you and brings ALL fat loss to an IMMEDIATE Stop!

THIS caloric BACKLASH is the main reason why most competition Athletes can't stay on low calorie diets for the long-haul during contest prep.

By using structured re-feed days you can prevent your body from becoming accustomed to repeated low calories on a consistent basis. Studies show that when competitors added in re-feed days their metabolism stayed active and even increased over time during prep.

See Principle #2 for further enlightenment on this and how they work together...


Use Your Natural Hormone Production To Manipulate Your Metabolism To TARGET Body Fat 87% Faster...

You See... Most athletes find it EXTREMELY hard to adhere to VERY low calories day in and day out. The reason for this is, one it's hard, but the MAIN reason is very low calories affect your THYROID in a VERY negative way. When you start to tax your thyroid you bring your metabolism to a SCREECHING Halt!

The Result:

  1. You hit a fat-loss plateau
  2. You gain fat weight
  3. You body begins to rebound like CRAZY

But That's Not All... After sometime on severe caloric restriction, the hormones that allow your metabolism to work can literally become TAPPED OUT! Your body will sense that these hormones "checked out" and your body will call upon INSULIN and CORTISOL (fat-storing hormones) to start producing in the place as a survival tactic.

Technically, you have flipped how your hormones SUPPOSE to work for you and they are now working AGAINST you. At this point you can just sit back and watch the pounds pack on.

As you can see, re-feed days can be plugged in your Competition Diet to trick the body that it is NOT starving, and at the same time you will nourish your metabolic hormones and not damage them.

But, in Principle #3 you will see how you can really enhance these re-feed days so all 3 Principles work with one another to zero-in on body fat to totally re-sculpt your body...


Be Able To Stop Mad Sugar And Carb Cravings Dead In Their Tracks And Gain CONTROL Over Your Contest Diet 24/7...

The final issue brought on from cutting calories for long periods of time is that it will lead to OUT-OF-CONTROL Cravings, primarily Carbs and Sugar, the ones most likely to pack on the FAT pounds!

These cravings sneak-up and SMACK you in the face suddenly due to the fact that your body hasn't been getting enough of the nutrients it needs from Protein to build muscle, from Carbs to provide energy for workouts, and from Essential Fats to build and regulate your hormones.

And to be quite honest with you... These OVER-POWERING food cravings alone will break you mentally and have you binging on everything in sight in a matter of SECONDS!

The Course of Events:

  1. Insane sugar and carb cravings
  2. An uncontrollable binge
  3. Guilt overcomes you
  4. Rebound weight swells you up overnight
  5. Depression sets in
  6. Get back on diet
  7. Repeat cycle

Chances are... You've been through those 7 steps more than once. But did you know that you could have actually CHEATED on some of your favorite sinful foods and PREVENTED that ENTIRE cascade of events?

It's totally true... You REALLY can eat things like pizza, burgers, cookies, cake, etc., and USE those naught foods To YOUR ADVANTAGE and actually MAKE them burn body fat! It's really an Amazing Process when you know how it works and implement it correctly.


But, Structured Re-Feeds And Cheat Meals Are Not For Everyone...

Even though these 3 Principles 100% Completely WORK, some people will believe with all their soul that they MUST follow 1200 calories day in and day out and lose their precious muscle. If that works for them so be it. We'll NEVER see them Stage-Ready.

To change your physique you will have to trust a PROVEN System which allows for a low-caloric platform combined with structured re-feed days as well as cheat days to lower body fat as quickly as possible to sculpt a Stead-Ready Physique.

If you believe you are among the few FOCUSED and DEDICATED and you want to strip the fat off your body and be Stage-Ready then just click the "Next Page" button below and I'll show you Contest Prep Diets that will deliver results...