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Creating that Sexy V-Taper

What’s the most pleasing aspect of a well-developed body? The chest? The biceps? These two muscle groups do get a lot of focus and attention, but what is REALLY pleasing to the eyes is a balanced physique with a stunning V-taper.

The V-taper in question is that sexy appearance of wide shoulders, a small waist, and proportionate legs. Having that sexy V-taper can add the finishing touch to your physique, and make you stand out from the rest.

So, are you training to get that V-taper? Many people just assume it will come in time if they go to the gym enough. No matter how much wishful thinking you do or how often you train, this will not happen unless you put focus into your training to instill such results.

This well-known shape is built through specific training. Some gifted lifters will build a nice taper quickly without much focused work and just need enhancing, while others will need to specifically zone in and target those areas that create it.

click here bodybuilding boxTraining Your Back for Creating that Sexy V-Taper

When most people want to build the V-taper they tackle lat training in the form of pulldowns and chins-ups. While lat training in this manner is effective, many lifters simply overdo these exercises and neglect other effective back training movements.

Granted, the lat pulldown and chin-ups will build a wide and desirable back, but they can be targeted in more than one direction. The pulldown and chins are vertical exercises. Although these are effective, many athletes tend to forget or neglect horizontal lat training such as back rows.

Pulldowns and chins will build some wide lats, but so will rows. Rows can add that missing element, as well as adding thickness, to your lats.

Training Your Shoulders for Creating that Sexy V-Taper

Building big and shapely shoulders is another aspect to creating that beautiful V-taper. Possessing large shoulders will make your back appear even larger, in contrast, making your waist appear smaller.

When you train shoulders you should begin with a compound exercise, such as shoulder presses or military press. A compound exercise works all the muscles in that muscle group simultaneously. A compound exercise is a mass builder. You need to build the muscles in your shoulders, which many women find difficult to do. I believe this is simply because they don’t challenge themselves on this important movement. To build your shoulders you need to use heavy poundage and it won’t hurt to include some partials at times to build your shoulder strength.

In addition to shoulder training, another exercise you should include is the lateral raises. This exercise targets the side head of the shoulder. Enhancing this muscle will make your shoulders wider, in turn making your waist appear smaller.

Training Your Waist for Creating that Sexy V-Taper

Of course we all know that diet is the key element in fat loss and getting those abs to shine though. However, you can effectively train your midsection to make is smaller to an extent, provided you meet some prerequisites (low body fat, clean diet).

The Stomach Vacuum is an excellent exercise to incorporate for slimming down your waistline in a very quick amount of time. It’s simply sucking in your gut as hard as you can for as long as you can. This can be done every other day at best.  Regular abdominal training will strengthen your ab muscles, and make them more pronounced in the absence of body fat.

You should avoid such exercises as the side bends and twists. These can work your sides, building the muscles there and make your waist thicker.

Training Your Legs for Creating that Sexy V-Taper

Most lifters don’t think of leg training to enhance their V-taper, but just think how silly you would look with flaring lats, boulder shoulders, tiny waist, and no legs.

Your shoulders and lats create the upper canvas and your legs finish the work of art by adding balance. Your legs are important to your physique and symmetry.

You want to build legs that compliment your upper body. For leg training begin with a compound exercise, such as squats or leg press. These exercises work all the muscles in the legs.


Lastly... [Stuff You Need to Know]

As you can see by this point, building a V-taper is not a one-shot approach, as many lifters think it is. It’s a combination of enhancing upper body training, as well as lower body training. When you have the facts, you are more geared to developing an elite physique.
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Lastly... [Stuff You Need to Know]

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