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The Right Contest Tanning Tips Can Create Better Definition

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Do you need contest tanning tips?  Well, if you’ve ever attended a physique show you can tell the competitors on stage don’t have just a good tan, but a deep and rich color that accentuates his or her physique to the T.  I believe proper contest tanning tips are vital to display one’s physique.  All too often the competitor diets and trains hard, yet just leaves their color prep to the wayside.

News Flash! A good deep tan with proper skin dye application will make your muscles appear more pronounced and defined.

Sure, food prep, eating every few hours, doing cardio, training, practicing posing etc. can all become very time consuming. I mean, who really has time to shell out 10-30 more minutes to lie down and do nothing but get a tan?   But, if you want to be at the top of your game for your contest, you are going to have to make some sacrifices.

Figure Contest Tanning Tips

Competition tanning is not just important, it’s now right crucial if you want to place well and even win. Those stage lights are very bright to allow the judges to see your physique clearly. They need the best lighting possible so they can judge you and your competition. However, those lights are so bright they can wash out even the best tans.  That’s why these contest tanning tips are so important.

So what does a deep and rich tan really do under the bright lights of the physique stage? Well, for one as the light shines down over your body, it creates shadows making your muscles appear fuller as well as enhancing your current muscle definition. It’s a two-for-one win-win situation.  Let’s cover some of the most prized contest tanning tips.

How to Build a Great Base Tan

woman lying in tanning bed for contest tanning tipsOkay, like it or not, you will have to spend some time building a base tan. Deal with it! You might want to start your tanning process 8-12 weeks before your show. Starting your tanning process 2-3 weeks before your show is not effective AT ALL and you won’t have a tan. Personally, I prefer 12 weeks or more to build a tan because the sooner you get some good color the better you will look as your body transforms, building your confidence and helping you to adhere to your prep program.

Tanning beds are ideal because they allow you to get a full body tan without the tan lines. In addition, you can control your exposure better, preventing burning. It’s a good idea to change up your tanning bed if possible, make use of the 30 minute bed, 20 minute bed, 10 minute bed, standing tanning booth, or any other sort of tanning mechanisms you have access too. Just as your body needs a dietary and training shock from time to time so does your tan.

Some rumors are flying around that building a base tan thins the skin. Nope, that’s wrong. Diet can help thin the skin over time, a precise diet of avoiding processed items and implementing high fiber foods and drinking lots of water, as well as sweating out toxins.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never tan the week of your show. You aren’t going to lose your tan in a week. Tanning causes micro skin trauma, and ANY form of trauma to the body or skin causes… You guessed it, water retention. If the purpose of peak week is to reduce excess water, why would you CAUSE it during that same time frame?

Skin Dyes

Once you have your base tan nailed and entering into peak weekBottle of ProTan with Application Brush for contest tanning tips, you can begin applying your skin dye. Now, over the years of competing I’ve tried many different methods of skin dye application. I found that the longer you allow your skin to absorb the contest color, the deeper and richer the color will be. So, don’t wake up the day before your show and start slapping on ProTan. Just as building a base tan is a process, so is applying your skin dye.

Oh, and the misconception that you cannot shave once you start applying contest color is just a misconception. You can’t shave off skin dye. Hell, it’s a downright impossible just trying to wash off ProTan.

Now, skin dyes provide a deeper color over a good base tan so you will look tanned on stage, like a well-built goddess. Believe me, once you get on stage, that freaky looking color you painted all over your body will look totally different to the judges and spectators. Those headlights shining down on you will help to pull it all together and give you a nice sharp and crisp look on stage.

What About Tattoos?

What contest colors WON’T do is hide tattoos. You can paint over them with the skin dye, but don’t try to do a patch job over a tattoo. You’ll just bring attention to it. You want the attention on your finely detailed muscles, not your tat!

What skin dye to use? Well, that’s up to you. Some people will try to sell you on a particular product to earn commission. Personally, I find that using a combination of ProTan and JanTana works best to really drive in a GREAT dark color that’s perfect for stage presentation. Also, there are contest colors you should steer clear of for several reasons.

What About Green Armpits?

These contest tanning tips would be pointless unless I shed real light on some real world issues, right? Here is something interesting asked by one of my e-clients:

Email From Client

Thanks for the updates Karen. I have a question. I heard that I shouldn’t use deodorant while using the tanning products you suggested, as it will raise the skin’s pH and turn your arm pits green? How do I handle this the day of the show?

My Email Back

Yes, I’ve “heard” of that before too, although I never actually seen it happen on me or any of my clients.

The thing is that most deodorants are pH balanced so that they don’t disrupt the skin’s natural equilibrium, so the label says, but then again I know how “labeling and claims” go. However, just for health reasons, I recommend natural deodorants that are free of toxins, the same toxins that are typically found in engine de-greasers such as propylene glycol.natural soap and deodorant

What you REALLY should be cautious of is the soap you use while applying contest skin dyes.  Typically, the skin’s pH is altered by using ordinary soaps, which are highly alkaline, usually in the 9-11 pH range. If the skin is TOO alkaline OR TOO acidic issues can arise such as odor and even altering the color of skin dyes that are applied. So, it’s not the deodorant that’s the problem, it’s probably the soap.

Another thing to be aware of is any lotions you are using. Most commercial lotions contain chemicals and added fragrances, altering the skin’s pH.

So a good remedy to the situation is to use an all natural, toxin-free moisturizer. From there all you really need to do is either wash your armpits with water and keep them as dry as possible or simply use an all natural soap and deodorant designed not alter the skin’s pH.

Don’t Leave Without All The Information…

Now I understand this is not your everyday generic contest tanning tips and information. Keep in mind that I didn’t hire a trainer to take me to the goal line. I did it myself through continual research and constant trial-and-error.  I have the background and knowledge to put out the best figure prep information.

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