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Contest Prep Supplements

Here Are The Contest Prep Supplements You Should Consider

Contest Prep Supplements

You contest prep supplements are a functional part of your cutting process.  There are a LOT of supplements on the market, and most are nothing but hype. On the flipside, there are also some GREAT supplements that can benefit your figure prep. If you are going to compete there are a few choice supplements that are CRITICAL.  These supplements will help you keep your head-earned muscle while you lose the body fat.

Protein Supplements

Hard training and dieting taxes your muscles to a great degree.  Make sure that your diet is well-balanced to aid in muscle recovery and growth. Due to the type, intensity, and extreme level of training a competitor goes though, protein needs are high to keep and build lean muscle.

Eating enough protein in the form of chicken, turkey, fish, steak, eggs, etc. can be quite difficult, if not nauseating at times. This is where a quality protein drink can fit right in, to help boost your protein intake to meet your requirements.

A quick scoop of a whey can ballpark you a good 25 grams of protein. You can mix whey protein easily in water or milk with a spoon. My choice is to us a fork to better break up the protein clumps.

Another branch of protein drinks are MRP’s (meal replacement powders). MRP’s simply take the place of a balanced meal since they have sufficient calories, protein, and carbs for athletes.

Drinking an MRP is almost the same as eating a grilled pieced of chicken and a baked sweet potato, but no cooking. Just toss the powdered contents in a blender with water or milk and zap, an instant meal. MetRx and MyoPlex are favorites among many in the fitness arena due to their great macronutrient breakdown and quality.

Another great aspect to MRP’s is you can add fruit and/or natural peanut butter for variety, taste, calories, etc. MRP’s are awesome to have right after training to shuttle nutrients to the muscles and refill the glycogen stores and boost recovery.

Glutamine for Recovery

Glutamine is an amino acid, literally the most abundant amino acid in the body, helping with muscle recovery during times of intense training.

During intense training glutamine is stripped from the muscles, decreasing stamina, strength, and recovery.  Normally it can take up to almost a week for the glutamine levels to return to normal. By supplementing with it, the cells get re-hydrated with glutamine and there is a greater protein synthesis which helps spare lean muscle tissue.

Glutamine can also increase growth hormone secretion, which aids in shedding fat while maintaining muscle. Growth hormone is secreted at night within the first sixty minutes of deep sleep.

Thermogenic Fat Burners

Thermogenic fat burners are supplements that raise your body’s core temperature which increases your metabolism and accelerates fat loss. Quality fat loss supplements are strategically designed to attack fat with key ingredients.

Fat burners are not the magic bullet to get you on stage. However they are VERY useful in the CORRECT AMOUNTS and at the RIGHT TIME to mobilize fat and to increase your metabolism. Knowing what to take and when to take it will give you the competitive edge to make your fat burner work for you.

Great fat burners on the market are Lipo-6, Ripped Fuel, Hydroxy Cut, and Animal Cuts. While they work great when taken as directed, their effectiveness is greatly enhanced when you cycle them properly.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg.  When it comes to contest prep and fat loss, there are a lot of moving parts.  You need to manage your diet, training, cardio, and supplements.  I can help you.  Get my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course and get on the program the top-ranking competitors follow.  Click the link below…


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Now, these are just a few of the great supplements to take for your competition. I have a whole list of others.  You should really consider downloading my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course so you can prep like a Pro. Click the link for Instant Access...

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