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Contest Prep Meal Plan

Contest Prep Meal Plan

contest prep meal plan

If you are looking for a contest prep meal plan, you need to check this out.  You’ll notice competitors on stage are lean, tight, muscular, and hard. They are the idol in the fitness industry.  But what does it take to look like one of those competitors? You would be surprised to learn that these extreme athletes follow a precise contest prep meal plan and rigid training to attain those physiques.

Building a competition-ready takes work and patience, but it can be done with dedication. The key is to diet smart and commit to consistency on your diet. If you follow your prep diet 6 days a week consistently, then you can take a free day, commonly known as a cheat day, once a week to re-feed you body and give yourself a little treat to reward your hard work and dedication.

What’s a Prep Diet Consist of?

Most prep diets include 5-7 small meals a day. The basic structure of your meal plan should include a complete lean protein, a complex carb, a non-starchy veggie, and an essential fat. All nutrients are required to nourish your body, build muscle, and burn excess body fat. In addition to this, supplementing with a high-quality multi-vitamin can be of great benefit for added nutrients.

These contest prep meal plans can contain a variety of healthy food options such as grilled chicken breast, roasted turkey breast, veggie omelets, chicken-stuffed potatoes, roasted garlic asparagus, etc. Your diet doesn’t have to be boring and bland.

Below is a sample contest prep meal plan that works

  • Breakfast: Veggie omelet with a side of oatmeal and fruit
  • Mid-morning meal: Protein shake made with fresh strawberries
  • Lunch: Roasted chicken breast with a side of potatoes and veggies
  • Mid-afternoon meal: Protein drink made with natural peanut butter
  • Dinner: Grilled steak with a side of roasted veggies
  • Snack: Protein drink

Have a Drink?

Drink your water.  Drinking adequate water makes your diet work better by flushing fat and toxins right out your body!  Your kidneys are filters that purge impurities from your blood and they need a lot of water to work right.  If you don’t drink enough water it’s hard on your kidneys and you will retain water and feel bloated all the time.

 If you fail to drink enough water each day, then your kidneys will need help, and they will get that help from your liver.  One of the liver’s jobs is breaking fat down to burn for energy.   But, when get dehydrated, your liver has to do its job PLUS your kidney’s job.  Doing two jobs over taxes your liver and then your liver can’t burn body fat very well.

Water retention is a typical side-effect of dehydration. If you deprive your body of water it will regain its balance by holding on to MORE water, causing the scale to creep up.  More water in equals more water out.

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Prep diets are possible!  You just need to commit to your menu plan.  Consistency is the key.  Eating the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right time, consistently, is the answer to a complete body transformation.  I can help you arrange your meal calories and macros.  Get my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course to learn the ropes.  See below…


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