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Contest Prep 20 Weeks Out

Contest Prep 20 Weeks Out

Contest Prep 20 Weeks Out

Your contest prep 20 weeks out shouldn’t be the same as when you are 12 weeks out or even 6 weeks out.  The process of dieting down to compete takes time and many people forget that it’s a process.  You can just start a prep diet and think you will look the part in two weeks.

A process is a a series of actions or steps you take in order to achieve a particular end.  This means you diet, train, and do cardio every day to get the final result.  It’s not a magic act, it’s a process.  Do the steps and you’ll get the results.

The Problem With Contest Prep

The biggest problem with getting cut and defined is not getting the initial fat weight off first.  Listen to what I’m saying. You have to get the body fat off  your body before you can even get cut.  A lot of competitors go into competitions with high body fat percentages.  It’s not that they are holding water, they are holding body fat.

What you have to understand is that getting defined is detailing the muscle. You have to get the excess fat off BEFORE you can get cut.  The BIGGEST problem people make when they want to get super lean and defined is they have too much weight to lose to begin with and never get the excess weight off before they start the actual prep.

If you are over 20% body fat and want to get your weight down, you might continue reading so you can see how you should prep.

Your Body Fat Percentage

If you are over 21% body fat, you have some work to do first, before you start a contest prep plan.  You should be at 18% body fat or less before you start a contest prep program.  To be honest, even 18% is high to start a prep diet.  A physique competition is not a weight loss contest or to see who can weigh the least on contest day.  A competition is about building muscle, then dieting off the body fat to show the muscle detail.  This takes a fit body and 12 weeks of pure and precise prep.

If Your Body Fat is 21% or More… Read This

If your body fat is 21% or more, then you need to lose fat weight first, before you start your contest prep.  A good way to do this is to start my How to Lose Weight Program.  The design of the program will move the weight off your body.

The primary working factor in How to Lose Weight Forever are the 4 Diet Plans portion.  Each diet plan targets a certain range of weight to shed.

  • If you have 50 or more pounds to lose, there’s a specific diet plan for you.
  • Need to lose between 20-40 pounds, there’s a specific diet plan for you.
  • If you have to lose between 10-20 pounds, there’s a specific diet plan for you.
  • Need to lose between 5-10 pounds, there’s a specific diet plan for you.

And, the GREAT thing is, each time you reach your goal weight, you can move down the line to the next nutrition plan.

How to Start 20 Weeks Out Guidered arrow pointing down

You have a choice.  Do nothing and stay the same and gain more weight.  Your other option is to start my How to Lose Weight Program now and start dropping pounds as soon as this week.  All you need to do is follow the program, the results will come.  See below for more information on how you can lose weight this week…


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Wait, That's Not All

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