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Congress & FDA: Taking Vitamins Away

taking vitamins away
Congress and FDA Are Taking Vitamins Away?

Vioxx returns to shelves while supplements are under attack

Taking vitamins away can ENDANGER your health. The March Energy Times feature “Can We Really Trust Prescription Drugs?” examined the increasing questions surrounding the FDA and drug industry’s ability to ensure synthetic drug safety. In February, The New Your Times reported that almost one third of the government panel that voted for Cox-2 inhibitors to stay on the market had recently consulted for pharmaceutical drug manufactures. This apparent collusion’s has left the American public justifiably concerned. It seems we can only trust ourselves with our own health, and we are in deep trouble if they are taking vitamins away.

A Dangerous Double Standard

As Americans with free will, we have the right to make our own choices about pursuing good health through nutrition. The FDA should focus on its role: Assessing drug safety and advising us accordingly. And our elected leaders should focus on their role: Representing our interests, protecting us from dangerous drugs and encouraging the use of safe and natural vitamins and supplements.

Many of us have chosen to pursue good health with supplements. Yet, when it comes to supplements, certain members of Congress do an about-face regarding our right to pursue or health as we choose. Although natural supplements are safe, some key members of Congress are trying to take our supplements away – just as they are allowing the sale of dangerous drugs. The hypocrisy is sickening.

If we remain passive, and allow others to dictate our health, we forfeit our most precious freedom as Americans. Shrewd, calculating entities are watching and waiting to capitalize on our passivity; to aggressively implement policies that serve their own interests without reflecting our interest. Their intention is to destroy the sale of vitamins through Adverse Event Reporting (AER). Even though adverse events may not be connected to vitamins, this policy could cause insurance companies to stop insuring vitamins companies and lead shrewd law firms to pursue lawsuits against vitamin companies. The vitamin industry cannot withstand these unfair attacks.

We must not allow ourselves to be lulled into passivity. A vitamin ban is imminent. If we allow our vitamins to be taken away, we will suffer a mortal blow to something far more precious than the pharmaceutical companies’ overflowing coffers: our health.

Every Fax Counts

If you want to continue taking natural supplements, then make your voice heard! Sending faces to key senators is the easiest, most effective way to save vitamins. If you have already sent a letter, please send a fax. If you have already sent a fax, please send another. The need for your support is urgent.

Please fax key vitamin supporters, Senators Tom Harkin at and Orrin Hatch at  – let them know that you appreciate their ongoing efforts to ensure our health freedom. Fax Senator Dick Durbin, a key figure in the movement to ban supplements, at. Make it very clear to Senator Durbin that you refuse to support his anti-vitamin crusade. Fax Senator Michael Enzi, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, at. Tell Senator Enzi that you do not want Adverse Event Reporting for vitamins any more than you would want it for foods. We must tell our elected officials that as voters , we will not stand for gross violations of our health rights!

Visit and take advantage of the revolutionary new technology that enables online visitors to rapidly and easily compose letters and faxes to Congress. With your help, we can win the fight to keep safe, healthy supplements in our lives! For health, freedom, and liberty, join the NHA today.

By Energy Times – April 2005


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