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Natalie Valenzuela

First-Time Figure Competitor Makes A STUNNING Transformation!

Natalie Valenzuela before and after photos

Hey Nat, so, what got you involved in doing figure competitions?

My sister and I needed something to motivate us to work for the figure we’ve always wanted.

That’s a great plan.  How long have you been in fitness?

In the competition realm of fitness, about 9 months. But I’ve always tried to stay active.

I see.  So, what motivates you to keep in shape?

Seeing what I was able to accomplish with Karen Sessions.

Thanks so much. 🙂 What is your goal setting process?

I use a lot of help in setting goals. Karen Sessions helped me with some goals, my sister helped me with some, my husband and daughters even helped with other goals. Once they are set, I use even more help in planning. I ask a lot of questions.

Success comes from asking questions.  How do you stick to your goals?

This is the hardest part. Having a deadline helps, especially a competition coming up.

The deadline is an important part of a goal.  What is your nutrition like off-season?

I do splurge for a while, then I generally stick to a similar, though higher calorie, eating plan to competition preparation.

Good job on getting calories in.  What’s your contest preparation dieting protocol?

Progressively lower carbs/calories, as the contest approaches, drink a lot of water to help with fullness.

That’s it!  What’s a basic cheat meal for you?

I love Mexican food! I also love dessert!

I love Tex-Mex.  Are there any sacrifices? If so, how do you overcome them?

Again, I have help. Of course there are sacrifices. I love food in general, so to have to be particular about what I put in my mouth is a huge challenge for me. Also, as contest time approached, I was spending more time at the gym, more time away from my husband and kids.

The comp prep has to come first.  What do you find to be the hardest part about getting into contest shape and how do you overcome it?

The hardest part is really diet. The only way to overcome it is to commit yourself to your goal and to plan for temptations.

I agree.  Now, what is your training split like?

It started out 4 days training, minimal cardio. Right before contest, it was 5 days training, 6-7 days cardio.

Great balance.  Do you track your personal best lifts and if so, what are they?

I have tested them recently. My best bench is 100 lbs, my best deadlift is 195, my best squat is 155, my best military press is 75.

Awesome lifts!  What is your competition history?

I have competed in one competition and was awarded a 4th place trophy.

That’s great.  Do you have any future competition plans?

I am not sure whether I will compete again. I don’t have plans to.

It can be a bit taxing on the social and home life.  Do you use supplements? If so, what are your favorite supplements?

I like HotRox, creatine, whey, and I also use SuperPump.

Creatine is the best.  Does your family support your fitness endeavors?

My family supports the fitness aspect of my endeavors. Competing was met with some disapproval.

I can understand.  What hobbies do you have outside of fitness?

I don’t know that I currently have any hobbies… I enjoy raising my children, I enjoy math, and I do enjoy traveling.

Great ways to keep active.  What advice would you give someone who wanted to get in such outstanding shape as you are in?

You can absolutely do it! Just stick to a plan, put in the effort everyday, don’t beat yourself up for slipping, and be positive! The results will come, but you HAVE to work.

Yep, consistency is the key.  How has competing changed your life?

Competing has taken me so far out of my comfort zone, and it has greatly empowered me!

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