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Michelle Tyra

Michelle Tyra, Bikini Competitor, Loses 31 Pounds Training In Her Basement Then Graces The Stage At The NPC Natural Northern USA

Michelle Tyra Before and After pic

Competed in my first Master’s Bikini Competition over the weekend.  Here is
my before and after picture – used your eBook, Figure Competition Secrets and trained in my basement.
Now I’m hooked, and looking toward my next comp! ~ Michelle Tyra

Karen Sessions – Figure Coach: Hey Michelle.  A HUGE congrats on your recent show.  What Bikini Competition did you compete in and how did you place in it?

I competed in my first bikini competition the NPC Natural Northern USA.

You chose a BIG show to make your debut!  That takes guts!  What was your competition experience like?

The experience was absolutely amazing, and quite addicting.  Everybody I met was very friendly and I made a few new friends that day.

Yeah, when I did my first show I was surprised at how friendly and helpful my actual competition was.  What got you involved in bikini competitions?

I can’t say exactly how I got involved.  It was something I always wanted to do, and I will turn 40 this coming January.  I decided now is the time.michelle tyra posing on stage

I see a lot of women  want to take the competition plunge before they turn 40.  What was your competition weight and how tall are you?

My competition weight was 115lb and I am 5’4” tall.  I am maintaining a 130lb weight now.  Before beginning my training program is weighed 146 lbs.

Awesome transformation.  So you lost 31 pounds of body fat!  How long did it take you to prep for the show?

I started the diet and training process12 weeks out from competition.

Wow, effective rate.  You had to be focused, and obviously quite determined.  Have you always been athletic? Did you play sports growing up?

I played basketball in grade school, but 5’4” and basketball don’t go together well.  I also ran cross country and track.  I got away from sports in high school, but remained moderately physically fit

Yeah, I was going to do the basketball thing too, but height wasn’t in my favor.  Bodybuilding allowed me to “grow”…  What motivates you to keep in shape?

My family – I want to be around for many more years with them and I truly believe a healthy diet and exercise are the keys

Yes, diet and exercise are the keys to health, wellness, and of course fitness.  How do you stick to your goals?

It’s not easy.  I am a very driven and competitive person.  Once I lock-in on what I want to accomplish – I put blinders on to everything else around me and focus on that one goal.

You get that tunnel vision.  That’s what you need to keep pushing forward.  What is your bikini competition diet like?

I had to lose quite a bit of body fat, so I was on an extremely low carb diet four weeks out, and added in oats and sweet potatoes and some rice week of competition.  For me, the key was six meals a day- three hours apart, white fish, chicken, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, almonds, walnuts and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Good plan to get you wanted.  Sounds like it was the right balance for you and your goal.  What is your bikini prep training like?

For my first competition I trained in my basement!  True story!  I got a gym membership the week before my competition.  I started the first stage with P90X discs and running.

That’s very inspiring for those who can’t get to a gym or don’t want to go a gym.  What’s your best body part?michelle tyra winning NPC show

Right now – my arms.  I love the way I have developed my shoulders, biceps and triceps over the past few months.

Excellent work on your arm development and detail.  What body part do you like to train the most?

Well, from all my years of distance running I have an incredibly flat butt.  So I am working on training glutes and hamstrings now.  After my competition I looked at the pictures of myself compared to the other competitors and I realized that I need to get a perkier and firmer backside for better placement in future shows.

You get another bonus point for doing photo comparison with your competition.  Now you have a visual on what you need to improve on for your next show.  Always use comparison photos of your competition if you want to move forward in shows.   What are your favorite forms of cardio?

Has been and will always be running.  I am an avid runner.  I have run too many half marathons to count, and actually ran one a month before my completion.  I am learning that bodybuilding and distance running are not the best of friends – running literally eats your butt muscle.  So now I am spending time on the elliptical and stair climber – but I will never completely abandon running.

Yeah, lots of squats, even light to moderate weight deep squats will help the glute roundness.  How did you balance your prep with your life and living in the real world?

It is really tough.  The best advice I can give is cook all of your food ahead of time and take your food with you!  It is brutal to realize you have nothing prepared and no time to cook.  Restaurants, for me, and more than happy to accommodate and even heat up food you bring with you.

Pre-cooking is a very important key to your dieting success.   Are there any sacrifices? If so, how do you overcome them?

There are many.  One of mine was red wine.  I do love an excellent glass of wine.  There also is time spent away from family and friends for training.  I overcame these by keeping my eye on the end goal.

I had similar sacrifices.  I had to be very disciplined when going out clubbing.  Water and tuna waiting in a cooler in the car. 🙂  Do you have any future competition plans?

Lots, and lots!  Look for me!

That we shall.  Do you use supplements? If so, what are your favorite supplements?

I added CLA and tonalin for body fat control.  I continue to take this daily now.

I’m a big CLA fan.  It’s helpful too for belly fat.  Does your family support your fitness endeavors?

Absolutely!  In all fairness, they thought I was a little nuts to eat so clean and work out so often but they all supported me.

That’s great.  It’s a HUGE help if your family and friends are supportive.  What hobbies do you have outside of fitness?

I study Tae Kwan Do, and practice several different forms of yoga.  With a husband, three kids, two dogs, three cats and a full time job- and now my new found passion for fitness – there isn’t much time for anything else.

I don’t see how you have the time!  How has competing in bikini changed your life?

It has changed my way of life.  I have a better understanding of nutrition and how to eat to fuel my body.  I am continuing to learn about macronutrients and what to put together.  The body is always evolving.  It is great to take charge of your body and see your results!

Well said.  You seem to have a passion to learning how your body responds to diet and training.  You’ll go far if you can do that.  Do you have any long-term goals in the fitness industry?

Heck yes.  I want my IFBB pro card.

Can’t argue with that!  If you could give one piece of advice to a first time bikini competitor, what would it be?

Relax and HAVE FUN!  It’s a great feeling to show off all the hard work you accomplished on your body.

Thanks, Michelle.  You did great!  You have the makings of a winner and your transformation in just 12 weeks is nothing short of outstanding.

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