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Laurie Poole

What got you involved in general female bodybuilding?

Well, I have been working out on a regular basis since I started college. I have tried running, walking, step aerobics, and other types of aerobic activity to get in shape. The problem was I never saw any real results. I would lift weights here and there, but nothing heavy. I bought into the “lighter weight, high rep” toning myth. It didn’t work! I have always admired natural female bodybuilders and remembered watching competitions as a kid when they were actually televised.

How long have you been in bodybuilding?

I started really “lifting” several years ago, and 1 year ago I decided that I was going to go for it and aim for a contest…and that’s when I found Karen!

What is your competition weight and off-season weight?

My competition weight was around 105, and prior to that I maintained about 120. Right now, 6 weeks out from my first show I am around 115.

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What motivates you to keep in shape?

I like feeling good about myself. I also know that the better shape I am in now, hopefully I will live longer and be able to stay active. Setting a good example for my two sons is also a reason I decided to do the contest.

What is your goal setting process?

My husband and I write things down first. After that I have a fixed date, or something I am working towards to stay on track. That’s why committing to my first contest had such a big impact…I KNEW I had to do the work to step onstage!

How do you stick to your goals?

I talk to myself a lot! I also keep a close watch on the mirror as well as taking pictures to gauge my progress. Keeping a food journal is key. Reading about other bodybuilders and doing research helps me stay motivated.

What is your nutrition like off-season?

I have always attempted to eat a healthy balance of foods. I will admit that prior to prepping for the contest I made a lot of bad choices. Right now I am trying to maintain the diet, with an occasional treat.

What’s a basic cheat meal for you?

Either sushi (as much as I want!) or Mexican food and something sweet like a brownie or ice cream.

Are there any sacrifices? If so, how do you overcome them?

Sure…family time, desserts, and my sanity! It’s also hard to be in a social setting where there is a lot of temptation to eat bad….so I find myself avoiding things like that. I just try to stay focused and positive.

What do you find to be the hardest part about getting into contest shape and how do you overcome it?

Diet and cardio. I love lifting weights…cardio is a chore and a bore for me. Mixing in the occasional spin class, step aerobics, or getting outside in place of the machines helps. As far as the diet goes I like to experiment with my food…I attempt to make great tasting healthy food so I don’t get bored. Having a love of cooking helps.

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What is your training split like?

Chest/Back, Legs, Shoulders, Arms….these are my four basic days of lifting. Sometimes I mix it up and do Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps. Cardio tends to be at least 4 days a week…more the closer I am to a competition.

Do you track your personal best lifts and if so what are they?

Yes…I’m trying! Although I am not a powerlifter…I just squatted 205 the other day, and one time I benched 135. I would like to increase those numbers.

What is your competition history?

I recently competed in my first natural bodybuilding show and placed 2nd in the women’s novice division.

Do you have any future competition plans?

I am thinking about competing in another show this year but enter the figure division, even though I love the natural female bodybuilding more. I am aiming to do another natural bodybuilding show next year.

Do you use supplements? What are your favorites?

Yes, when I wasn’t close to a show I used protein powders. My favorite proteins are the Gaspari Chocolate and Vanilla. I also like the Syntax “Fuzzy Navel” protein powder, I would usually have that in the morning in place of juice. I do use creatine, glutamine, and BCAA powders for my workouts.

Does your family support your fitness endeavors?

My husband has been amazing through this whole journey, I definitely couldn’t have done it without him. My other family members….they are coming around to the idea and are supportive.

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What hobbies do you have outside of bodybuilding?

I love to cook so finding a new recipe is always exciting. Reading is also something I like to do if I have spare time.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to get in as outstanding shape as you are in?

I would tell anyone that anything is possible…..I really believe that now that I have taken this journey. It’s also important to find something you love to do, whether it’s weight lifting, aerobics, or training for a triathlon. I am biased though and would love to see more women hitting the weight room!

How has natural female bodybuilding changed your life?

I did something that many people never do, and that is step on stage and bare it all! I didn’t do it for a title or recognition, but as a challenge to myself and a self-esteem booster. I have come a long way….but I believe I still haven’t reached my full potential! I am looking forward to the future.

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