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Gaylene Bergan

Gaylene Bergan Transformed…  She Looks HALF Her Age In Her First Bikini Competition… Find Out HOW

gaylene in first bikini competition

Karen: What competition did you recently compete in and how did you place?

Gaylene: First Bikini Competition.  NPC Muscle Quest – Denver Colorado – Bikini Masters over 45 – Placed 3rd – Age 57

Karen: What was your first Bikini Competition experience like?

Gaylene:  It was exciting and I was also nervous

Karen: Have you always been athletic?

Gaylene: Yes, very much so.

Karen: Did you play sports growing up?

Gaylene: Yes, I played floor hockey, ice skating, baseball, basketball, and volleyball

Karen: What got you involved in competitions?

Gaylene: A personal challenge

Karen:  Are you comfortable with competing or did you have to build up the courage?

Gaylene: Both, once on stage it was much easier

gaylene back pose

Karen: How long have you been into fitness and working out?

Gaylene: All of my life

Karen: What is your competition weight and off-season weight, and how tall are you?

Gaylene: Off season now about 122-125.  Competition weight was 115.  5’7”

Karen: How long did it take you to prep for your first Bikini Competition?

Gaylene: Just 6 months

Karen:  What motivates you to keep in shape?

Gaylene: Inspiration to others and the physical appearance and energy that it gives me.

Karen: How do you stick to your goals?

Gaylene: Once something bites me, I bite back like a pitbull and do it until it is done

first bikini competition

Karen: What is your nutrition like off-season?

Gaylene: Pretty much the same as on season

Karen: What was your first Bikini Competition diet like?

Gaylene: 6 meals per day – protein and carbs in every meal

Karen: What is a basic cheat meal for you?

Gaylene: I love a carrot muffin loaded with almond butter.  Pizza may be a main meal

Karen: Are there any sacrifices?

Gaylene: Camping with my husband. If so, how do you overcome them? Pack every meal.  Tiresome but needs to be done.

Karen: What do you find to be the hardest part about getting into contest shape and how do you overcome it?

Gaylene: Getting up at 6am and doing Cardio 7 days a week before the contest.  Focus on my goal and know that I will be the best shape I will be in for the contest.  Out of about 40 women in the bikini division I was the leanest and most muscular.  Unfortunately, the division seems to like a more softer approach.

Karen: What is your training split like off-season?  Is it the same pre-contest?

Gaylene: Pretty much the same, but train one less day per week.

Karen: What is your training life when you are prepping for a contest?

Gaylene: Focus, focus and more focus.  Less social time with friends, as this usually involves food and drink.

Karen: What do you do for cardio?

Gaylene: The climber, the rowing machine, and cycling

Karen: Do you have any future Bikini Competition plans?  

Gaylene: Maybe try the Rocky in Denver.  Not sure as this is such a political game and my style does not seem to fit in the norm of bikini bodybuilding.  Pardon my expression, but my breasts and ass disappear and this is what they want to see.

top 3 placements in bikini competition

Karen: Do you use supplements?  If so, what are your favorite supplements?

Gaylene: Creatine and glutamine for muscle repair and growth.

Karen: Does your family support your fitness endeavors?

Gaylene: Yes, in a big way.  They are extremely proud of me to do this at the age I am in.

Karen: What hobbies do you have outside of fitness?

Gaylene: Fused glass artist.

Karen: What advice would you give someone who wanted to get in such outstanding shape as you are in?

Gaylene: Find a good reason why you want to incorporate this into your life and then go for it.  If it is not a passion then it will not happen.  Focus on the end result and vision holding that trophy in your hand, saying to yourself “I really did this and I am proud of myself in doing so”.

Karen: How has competing changed your life?

Gaylene: Knowing that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

Karen: Do you have any long-term goals in the fitness industry?

Gaylene: I would love to inspire and train others to reach a goal that is attainable for them.

Karen: If you could give one piece of advice to a first-time competitor, what would it be?

Gaylene: Find a good trainer who will support, guide and challenge you to your goal.

Karen: Anything else you would like to share?

Gaylene: Want to thank you Coach Karen for the beginning stages of this goal and all the great information you provided for me in training and nutrition.  You were the initial inspiration!

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