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Competition Spray Tan Prices

Competition Spray Tan Prices

competition spray tan prices

Competition spray tan prices can vary.  If you want to compete in a physique or bodybuilding competition, as solid base tan is essential.  A quality competition spray tan can do the trick for getting you dark for the stage.  However, you’ll be a step ahead of your competition if you do the core work and build a natural tan to go along with the spray tan.

Spray Tan vs. Competition Spray Tan

Spray tans and air brush tans are mainstream now.  Personally, I’m a Pro Tan and Jan Tana girl because I have more control over the skin dye shade.  If I smudge my Pro Tan, I can touch it up myself.

Regarding the spray tans, you need to be aware that not all spray tans are equal.  Regular air brush tans you get at your local tanning salon are not the same as competition spray tans.  There are spray tans and then there are competition spray tans.  Research the contest you plan on doing.  If it offers spray tanning, you should contact the promoter and ask if they are using “competition spray tan”.

Do Some Quick and Easy Investigation

It would be a good idea to look into the type of spray tan offered at the show you are interested in doing.  Go to the promoters website and see if they offer spray tanning.  Find out if it’s just an airbrush tan or a competition spray tan.  See if they have before and after photos on the site.  See if you can find testimonials from other competitors.

Call or e-mail and ask specifically:

• When and where will the spray tanning be?
• Do they offer any skin prep guidelines before the process?
• How many coats will need?
• How long does it take to get the spray tan?
• Does the color rub or wash off with clothing or sweat?
• Can they do touch-ups?
• How long does the spray tan last after pre-judging?

Some competitions run their competitors back stage through the tanning process like cattle.  A good competition spray tan needs time to dry.  If they are running athletes every 20-30 minutes for another coat, then that’s not a professional process.  Turn to Pro Tan or Jan Tana.

You worked too hard transforming your physique to toss it away due to bad color.  Don’t allow an average air brush tan mess up your months and even years of dedicated work.

Competition Spray Tan Prices

Competition spray tan prices vary.  Look at paying anywhere from $80 – $150 for a high-quality competition spray tan.  These prices books you for 2-3 sessions and in typically includes free touch-ups.  Using Pro Tan and Jan Tana combo can cost $50 – $80.

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