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Competition Spray Tan and Skin Dyes

Competition Spray Tan and Skin Dyes

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To compete in a  Physique or Figure competition you will need to get a good base tan before getting your competition spray tan or skin dye applied. You should start your tanning process early to get your skin use to tanning, and to develop a deep rich color.

I advise competitors to start tanning about 12 weeks out from their competition. This allows the skin to tan at it’s own pace, and as you get darker it will make you appear leaner, motivating you to keep training hard and dieting smart.

While natural sunlight is best because it’s full of vitamin D, your best option for a good deep tan is to use the tanning bed. Tanning beds can save you time. Also, in a tanning bed you can tan in the nude so you don’t have tan lines.  Start your tanning process slowly, such as 2-3 times a week for 7-10 minutes. You want to start light and easy and build your tan slowly so you don’t burn and damage your skin.

Once your skin becomes accustomed to tanning and your stop getting red and start getting dark, then you can increase your tanning to 4-6 times a week for 15-30 minutes depending on the beds used at your tanning salon.

Competition Skin Dye (Pro Tan)

The competition stage lights are bright. In fact, they as so bright they will wash out the best tan. To keep your deep rich color on stage under those bright stage lights you will need to enhance your tan with a skin dye.

A long-time proven method for a GREAT tan and color on stage is to use Pro Tan skin dye. Competitors love Pro Tan because they can control the color themselves and even apply it anytime.

Pro Tan is designed for your body to absorb the color over the course of days. Therefore, you should start your first Pro Tan application about 3 days before your contest.  About 3 days before your competition take a shower, then apply your first coat of Pro Tan. Let it dry well. You might take a blow dryer to it to speed up the process. That evening, shower off the excess Pro Tan.  Don’t scrub it off. Pat yourself dry and apply a second coat and let it dry.

Wear old and loose clothing to bed and use old sheets so you don’t stain your good ones.  Keep repeating this application and shower process morning and evening until the morning of your contest.

Competition Skin Dye (Jan Tana Ultra 1)

To get a killer tan for your competition you need a good base tan, followed by the process of applying Pro Tan. Lastly, you can really finish off your competition color with prize-winning Jan Tana.

Jan Tana Ultra 1 is a one-time contest color application. Yes, you can use it without having to apply the layers of Pro Tan, but your contest color will be some much more rich and eye-appealing if you apply Jan Tana Ultra 1 AFTER Pro Tan.  It’s really easy. The morning of your show (after you have applied Pro Tan all week) apply Jan Tana Ultra 1 onto a dry wash cloth and just spread it all over your body. You will see instant muscle definition!

After you get through the pre-judging process, take a cool shower and rest. Before you leave for the evening show be sure to apply another coat of Jan Tana Ultra 1.

Competition Spray Tan

Air brush and spray tanning are becoming very popular these days. I still prefer the standard do-it-yourself method of Pro Tan and Jan Tana. This allows me more control and it has just become a ritual for me.

However, it is important to know that not all competition spray tans are the same. If the show you enter offers spray tanning, contact the contest promoter to find out if they are using “Competition Spray Tan”.  A Competition Spray Tan is different from standard spray tans you get at your local tanning salon. In fact, I would go as far as finding out a few details:

Check out the company’s web site to see if they do competition spray tanning.  Look for before and after competition pictures on their web site. Look for testimonials from other satisfied competitors.

Get their phone number or e-mail address and contact them. Find out directly:

• Where will the actual spray tan take place and when?
• What kind of skin prep guidelines do they offer before they spray tan you?
• How many coats of the competition spray tan you will need?
• How long does the spray tan process take?
• Does the spray tan will rub or wash off with clothing or sweat.
• Can they do touch-ups?
• How long does the spray tan last after pre-judging?

You worked long and hard to get your body contest-ready. Don’t let a below average spray tan mess up all your hard work.

Some contests run the competitors backstage through the spray tanning process like cattle. Usually a competition spray tan needs time to dry. If they are flipping competitors every 20-30 minutes for another coat, it’s best to get some Pro Tan and Jan Tana on.

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