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Karen, Give Me The Competitive Edge the Most Advanced Natural Female Bodybuilding Contest Downloadable eBook on the Market!!

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I'm ready to take my physique to the competition level.

I'm ready to build a muscular and slice body fat.

I'm willing to put for 100% dedication and effort.

I understand that contest prep is a system that I must follow accordingly.

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Right Now You Have The Opportunity To Upgrade Your "Female Bodybuilding Contest" Basic Package To The Gold Package And Receive My Private Top-Secret Files For Contest Prep.

That's Right! You Get The Exact Plan That I Used The Final Week That Won Me Overall In 2 Contests And Qualified Me For NPC Nationals, NATURALLY!

The Gold Package includes ALL of eBooks and Bonus Reports listed above PLUS My Top-Secret Personal Prep Plan For Peak Week, Contest Prep Bitch Slap, Supplement Stacking Guide for Contest Prep, and Physique Competition Organization guide... all for just $77!

Gold Package Upgrade #1

Karen's Peak Week Plan

The Number One reason most competitors don't place well in their bodybuilding contest is usually due to poor information, poor timing, or simply not knowing how to implement all the fine details of contest prep.

Think about what it would be like if you could have MY personal contest preparation plan written out in full-detail... everything from my glycogen-depletion workout to what day and the time and day I cut out my water for the contest.

That's right, if you upgrade to the Gold Package Right Now I will totally give you my Top-Secret Personal Prep Plan, the one I used to dial-in for my best wins and overalls, qualifying me for NPC Nationals... Naturally!

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Gold Package Upgrade #2

The RAW and Bitter Truth You Need to WIN

You already know that contest prep is a detailed chore. It's one of the toughest things to get ready for... and many athletes don't even make it to the stage.

If you are 100% absolutely serious about competing, then you NEED the Contest Prep Bitch Slap in your possession.

This is the bitter truth about contest prep and what you must do and not do to be an ultimate success. The no-holds bar of the excuses people use to avoid their contest prep plan and the truth of what it takes to get on stage completely flawless. Don't be left in the dark anymore... Learn the REAL truth about bodybuilding contest prep, how to finish what you start, and how to be a winner!

$29.97 - Just $6 Today!

Gold Package Upgrade #3

Supplement Stacking Guide For Contest Prep

Taking supplements is a big part of the competitive preparation phase, well before you start dieting, all the way up to contest day, and even AFTER your contest.

I have complied the complete birds-eye-view map of what supplements to take each week to bring you in hard and cut for your show.

This eBook takes all the thinking out of the equation. Just follow the guided map of what supplements to take, when to take them, and when to cut them out so you will be full, hard, and ripped on stage. This can be the information that makes or breaks you on the competitive stage.

$29.97 - Just $6 Today!

Gold Package Upgrade #4

Physique Competition Organization Guide

If you are lost in a world of contest prep confusion about all the different bodybuilding organizations, lay your troubles aside.

I have taken the opportunity to create a full and complete list of bodybuilding competition organizations and their websites to help you find the right show for you.

No more spending hours surfing the web or asking questions on forums. Have all the bodybuilding competition organizations right at your finger tips and decide which organization and contest is right for YOU!

$29.97 - Just $6 Today!

Gold Package Upgrade #5

The Dirty Truth Behind Contest Judging!

If you want to know what it really takes to win competitions, and I mean the hushed-up information that NO ONE DARES talk about, here it is.

Learn about how Judges Go Bad, the truth about cover-ups, deaths post-contest at the Pro Shows, and how some trainers use their clients as science experiments.

You'll be shocked and amazed, and perhaps somewhat entertained at what this eBook uncovers and EXPOSES. Dont' miss out. Find out the REAL details of prep and comps before you step on stage so you can be well-prepared.

$29.97 - Just $6 Today!

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