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CLA for Fat Loss

Use CLA for Fat Loss And Muscle Development

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Have you ever thought about CLA for fat loss? We all know that to lose weight you have to incorporate a good and healthy diet along with exercise.  However, are you aware that you can supplement your diet with CLA for fat loss?  This is not a trick, a gimmick, or a hoax.  The nutritional supplement CLA, short for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, can be the one little element you can add to your diet plan to increase fat loss, especially in your gut.

CLA is a nutrient present in a variety of foods such as chicken, pork, egg yolks, salmon, and safflower oil.  It’s in higher amounts in grass-fed beef, grass-fed whole milk, lamb, ground beef, ground turkey, veal, and even some pasteurized dairy products.

What makes CLA great is that it does indeed burn body fat, especially belly fat, it’s safe to use, and it enhances lean muscle mass.  Yes, you heard that right, a supplement that’s safe, burns fat AND increases muscle development.  Other studies show that this nutrient has anti-carcinogen effects.

Just Some AMAZING Benefits of CLAfoods that contain CLA for fat loss

  • Reduces belly fat
  • Enhances muscle development
  • Decreases cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Decreases insulin resistance
  • Improves insulin levels in diabetics with Type 2 diabetes
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Alters effects of cancer
  • Lowers food allergy reactions

As valuable as CLA for fat loss is, your body can’t make it’s on supply and what we receive from our diet is far too little to reap the great benefits.

Can A Supplement Be The Answer?

The supplement form of CLA has been around for some time now, and it seems to be highly underrated in the fitness industry since it don’t give INSTANT results and isn’t usually in a flashy looking container.

Now, when creatine made its debut back in the mid ‘90s it was an INSTANT hit because users could actually FEEL and SEE it working in a matter of days due to its cell-volumizing action.  While creatine is certainly a great muscle-building product, it received most of its glory due to the immediately results it supplied.  Since then supplement companies have tried to mimic the instantaneous action in other supplements, but none of them come near creatine’s automatic turnover.

How CLA Burns Body Fat

Now, with CLA you aren’t going to “feel” it in action like you can with many thermogenic fat burners and products and those “fat loss” products that contain niacin.  CLA doesn’t increase your metabolism per se.  HOWEVER, CLA will improve your food intake effectiveness.  Not only that, it will prompt the fat burning process by improving your nutritional efficiency.

Basically, CLA for fat loss works by burning body fat by increasing insulin’s reaction so glucose and fatty acids can move through the muscle cell membranes, away from fat stores. Pretty cool, huh?

So How Much Do You Need?

Research suggests that you need about 3 grams a day split-up into 3 doses.  This is so “average.”  A lot of reports will suggest taking a mere 3-4 grams every day to get desired fat loss results.  However, that’s far too little to get the job done.

CLA’s most successful supplemental dose is actually around 5-7 grams every day. Yes, a bit more, but well worth it.  By taking 5-7 grams a day divided into 3 doses for at least 6 months you can benefit your overall health and body fat management.

The Real Secret  of CLA for Fat Loss

But, the REAL SECRET to taking CLA is that it MUST be taken consistently over a long period of time, 6 months or more to prove the most significant fat burning outcome. CLA will continue providing body re-composition results as long as you take it continually.  Most people can lower their body fat nearly 10% just by supplementing with a good dose of CLA for a year.  That’s almost losing 1% body fat a month.  Think about it…

What Brand Is Best?

When Dr. Oz covered Garcinia CambogiaDr Oz on his hit TV show, supplement companies selling this herb drove their prices up 3-4 times than the original price.  Not only that, NEW supplement companies came out of the wood-works trying to sell overly-priced and bogus products to desperate consumers.

Just as with Garcinia Cambogia, with a variety of CLA products on the market, you need to know which ones are pure and high-quality.  The problem with most CLA supplements is that the CLA ingredient is in a VERY small amount or it’s combined with other ingredients that are not needed.  By adding more ingredients it lessens the amount of the actual CLA ingredient required.  Not cool.

In addition, online trainers and coaches tend to promote ONE product line because it’s touted as being the best line of sports supplements, and it’s the products THEIR trainer told them to take.  These days, too many coaches aren’t educated in the actual supplemental properties, just the name brand.  While many big name brand companies are good, they tend to add other supplements for a wider blend to make it appear better and more effective.  Again, adding more of something to a product generally lowers the amount of the original ingredient it was intended for.

CLA burns body fat and here is my list from best to worst product name brands:

  • First on my list is CLA by    This is by far the best CLA product I’ve come across, due to it’s purity.  Each capsule is 1,000 mg.  With this brand it’s best to take 3 capsules, 3 times a day.
  • Next on my list is the MRM CLA due to its quality and cost efficiency.  Since each capsule contains 1250 mg you, supplement with 4-6 caps a day spaced out.  That averages about 60 cents a day.MRM CLA 1250
  • Third on my list is the name brand.  It’s a tad less in milligrams per capsule, but it seems to be high-quality and also fits into any budget.  Since eaach capsule contains 1,000 mg you need to supplement with 5-7 caps a day spaced out.  That’s about 72 cents a day.
  • Fourth on my list is Lipo 6 by NutRex.  It is also 1,000 mg per capsule and appears to be high-quality and economical.  Ideally, you should take 5-7 caps spaced out daily.  That would average about 84 cents a day.
  • Further down on my list is the NOW brand.  The only downfall to this one is that you will need 7-9 caps a day.  It’s a bit most costly.
  • MusclePharm CLA Core requires 5-7 caps a day.  It’s lower on my list due to the labeling and allergy warning.  This one is one of the best-selling CLA fat loss supplement at  It’s defiantly marketing cla for fat loss
  • Optimum Nutrition requires 7-10 capsules a day, spaced out.  This seems to be an okay product, but getting costly for the amount you need.
  • MetRx CLA Energy requires 2 capsules per serving and it has added thermos.  It’s not even in the running for me.
  • Natrol Tonalin does contain a high amount of CLA, but it contains preservatives.  Boo.
  • Cellucor CLK has a fair amount of CLA per 3 caps, 1.7 grams, but it contains a lot of added junk.  It’s also sickly expensive.  This is defiantly last on my list.

Important Information About CLA for Fat Lossred arrow pointing down

You can supplement your diet with CLA for fat loss, but keep in mind that it is by no means a magic pill. Nevertheless it does some incredible things!  Keep in mind, when choosing a fat loss supplement you want purity for the best price.  I’ve done the work for you, so if you want the best, in my opinion it’s MRM CLA.

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