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Cheat Meals for Fat Loss

Cheat Meal for Fat Loss

cheat meals for fat loss

It’s true, cheat meals for fat loss is a real thing.  You can learn how to lose fat by cheating and alter your physique.  When you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition you need to apply focus, hard work, and dedication.  That is, if you want to look totally STUNNING and place well. If you want to win 1st place and your pro card you need to be extreme with your contest prep.

With all the hardcore contest prep going on I still get asked, “can I have a cheat meal?” The answer is yes. HOWEVER, when you take a cheat and how often will be the determining factor in making it work for fat loss rather than fat gain. Interesting stuff.

So, to clear up the confusion I’m going to let you in on this controversial topic on how you can incorporate a cheat meal into your prep plan and make it work for you rather than against you.

Cheat Meal for Fat Loss Secret Used by IFBB Pros

It may surprise you to know that even the top IFBB Pros take a scheduled cheat meal once a week. By having one unapproved meal in the week, it totally throws a monkey wrench in the works. This tricks your body, making it think it’s going to keep getting those calories and marcos. In turn, your body increases the metabolism for a short time. A faster metabolism burns more calories and fat. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

However, this cheating trickery ONLY works if you are 100% on your game plan the other 6 days of the week. Got it?  It’s like this… When you follow a strict competition diet with a set amount of calories and macronutrients every day, your body adapts to that format. Then, when you toss in a higher calorie day it totally throws your body off guard and it starts to run at a fast pace for the next few days.

What Exactly Can You Eat On Your Free Day?

Even though some competitors take a scheduled cheat day and eat anything they want, the question still surfaces, “can I eat anything I want?” Again, the answer is yes.

You may eat anything you want on your one scheduled cheat day. In fact, take advantage of your one scheduled free day because it won’t last forever. It will be omitted as your show draws closer.

When you first start your dieting program you should start off taking that cheat day once a week. It’s a good idea to choose the same day each week so you train your body and you are in control of it rather your body being in control of you. As the weeks pass, slowly wean your cheat day out and replace it with a re-feed day.

Refeed Days and How to Use Them

Now, a re-feed day is simply your same clean diet, just taking a day and eating more of it, such as 200 more calories than usual and perhaps about 100 more grams of carbs than usual. This is a good metabolic booster to get your metabolism fired-up. A re-feed day contains quality food rather than junk food.

So, as you can see, you can still have some cheats here and there in your prep program. Your fat loss success will come in applying the cheats correctly and eventually turning those cheat meals into refeed meals. It’s a progressive process of simply fine-turning your diet as you go along.

Taking Control of Cravings

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By actually taking cheats and refeeds it puts you on total control of your cravings, hunger, and fat loss. In fact, you will have so much control over your body you will find yourself not wanting or needing the cheats as you thought you would. It’s a pretty neat process.

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