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Cardio Workouts Are NOT Working

Why Your Cardio Workouts Are NOT Working

Cardio Workouts Are NOT Working

Are you curious why your cardio workouts are NOT working anymore?  Your cardio is in gear, you are hitting it hot and heavy, sweating up a storm each session. Week after week you check your weight and body fat and even take photos for that visual.  After ALL your relentless hard work it seems you have fallen short. You haven’t dropped any weight, your stats are exactly the same, and even your pics don’t show any change whatsoever.

What’s going on? With all the cardio you have been doing, something should have changed! There could be a number of things going on, causing you to fall into the cardio trap. There could be several reasons.  Reasons you can actually fix.  The trick is to identify them and then do something about it.  Here are just 3 reasons why your cardio may be failing you…

Reason #1 Why Your Cardio Workouts Are Not Working

If you are not getting results, chances are you may be doing too much cardio too soon.  As surprising as this may sound, you can do too much cardio and hinder your body transformation results.

Many people start out the gate FULL-FORCE, 100% from day one, doing 45- 60 minutes of cardio 5-7 days a week! If you are prepping for 14-16+ weeks, what are you going to do when your body adapts to that amount of cardio? There are only 24 hours in a day. How do you build your cardio when you max it out the first month?

Reason #2 Why Your Cardio Workouts Are Not Working

To continue to make progress on your cardio it’s important to not get caught up in repetition. Variety will light a fire under any workout program and see you through those dreaded cardio plateaus so many athletes fall victim to.

Ask any successful competitor about variety and they will tell you that failure to include variety in your cardio workout will cause your body to adapt and your fat loss results will come to a standstill.

Reason #3 Why Your Cardio Workouts Are Not Working

Cardio workouts are only effective as your diet and consistency.   If you eat high calories and carbs, you are not going to tap into burning body fat very well.   In order to burn body fat you need to do cardio when your insulin levels are low, and that’s after an overnight fast.

Fasted cardio is mainstream these days. This format gained popularity with Bill Phillips’ best-seller, Body for Life book.  Fasted cardio works to burn body fat because after a fast, there are no carbs to burn, only body fat.

Start Losing Fat The Right Way Starting Today

Cardio is a great method to stripping off layers and layers of flab. However, you need to know what form of cardio to do, when to do it, and the length of time to do it.

It’s a fact, 97% of the competitors prepping for a contest will make the costly mistake of amping-up their cardio far beyond what they need. The result is, they eat up all their muscle mass, making them soft and plump.

Other programs and coaches advocate cardio for 90 minutes 6 days a week! Do that, and you have a one-way ticket to muscle loss. What happens when you lose muscle? You GAIN FAT because your metabolism decreases.

This is How You Lose Body Fatred arrow pointing down

I can 100% guarantee that if you screw-up your cardio, you will burn muscle and hoard fat. You have to get the cardio equation right to transform your body.  Now, get some of my best-kept fat loss and muscle gain secrets in my FREE Contest Prep Crash Course. See below…


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