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Carb-Cycling Bodybuilding Plan

Unique Carb-Cycling Bodybuilding Plan

Carb-Cycling Bodybuilding Plan

A carb-cycling bodybuilding plan is a great way to burn off body fat and build muscle at the same time.  Yes, it is possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.  I’ve seen it happen repeatedly on client after client.  What you can’t do is bulk-up and cut at the same time. Bulking and cutting are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

What You Need to Know About Low-Carb Dieting

Low-carbing to burn body fat has become mainstream. It comes with pro’s and con’s from various individual research and experimentation. From my research and personal trial-and-error, low-carbing has proven to be beneficial for fat loss.

However, low-carbing has to be implemented in a format that forces the body to burn fat and keep muscle, without killing your energy too early in your prep.

That can be easily accomplished with carb-cycling. While carb-cycling is popular these days, I find many athletes don’t know how to cycle carbs properly to induce fat loss and keep muscle. There is a proper way to cycle-carbs and knowing this will put the fat-loss power in your complete control.

Weekly Carb-Cycling

Weekly carb-cycling is one of the secrets to burn fat and build muscle.  You simply reduce complex carbs gradually over the course of several weeks to months.  This means, as you slowly reduce complex carb intake, gradually increase your non-starchy veggie intake.

The slow reduction of complex carbs helps to induce fat loss, PLUS, the added non-starchy veggies further accelerate fat loss. That’s a double whammy!!

Example of Weekly Carb-Cycling Plan:

example of daily carb cycling

Every two weeks, as you lower your complex carbs 25 grams replace that loss with non-starchy vegetables.  I’ve used weekly carb-cycling for contest prep my last several years of competing.  It really dropped my body fat and allowed me to come in clean and sharp.

Daily Carb-Cycling Plan

Another carb-cycling format is daily carb-cycling. This works well if you find fat that weekly carb-cycling plateaus.  With daily carb-cycling you rotate your carbs every day, cutting them by 25 grams each day until you are down to 25 grams.  Once you reach 25 grams, bump them back up.  Keep repeating this cycle for continued progress.

Example of Daily Carb-Cycling:

example of daily carb cycling

Carb-cycling can come in many forms.  They all work.  It’s finding the one that fits you and your goals the best.  It’s good to start with the weekly carb-cycling and taper down to the daily carb-cycling for best results.

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