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Booze, Chocolate and Fat (Fat Loss Loophole?)

Try This Unique Fat Loss Loophole Technique to Trick Your Metabolism…

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Looking for a fat loss loophole?  Try Booze, Chocolate, and Fat…  Yes, it’s true that certain fitness taboos can actually cause you to shed fat.  I’m talking about you can have the forbidden foods and drinks such as booze, chocolate, and fat!  Listen up because I’m about to become your best friend. 🙂


glass of red wine being pouredSo, do like a little wine with your dinner? If so, you will be glad to know that a little red wine (one glass – no refills) a day can contribute to some added fat loss by stopping fatty blockages in the arteries. Cool deal, right?  You see, red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that is actually heart healthy!  That’s a two-for-one shot (no pun intended).  Red wine can boost fat loss and it promotes heart health!  Now this is a GREAT fat loss loophole!

Keep in mind that a drink is defined as 5 ounces (148 mL) of wine. So, you can’t just keep refilling the glass and say you have only one glass of wine a day.  That’s cheating!

On the good side, one drink of red wine (5 ounces) is NOT calorically-dense and the carbs are in the 2-5 gram range. It’s a win-win situation!

In fact, you can actually drink red wine the night before your competition, AND EVEN THE MORNING OF, and it will dry you out, making the judges notice you!  Pace it though… You might be a little more sensitive to it in a depleted state and we don’t want you drunk on stage.  Hey, I’ve seen in happen. LOL  There’s nothing sillier looking than a drunk competitor backstage, much less ON stage!


If being able to have a glass of red wine a day wasn’t exciting enough, this might be… Chocolate!  A chocolate-covered fat loss loophole?  How great would it be if I told you that it was perfectly fine to have some CHOCOLATE?!  Finally, dark chocolate and weight loss as a marriage made in heaven.

Yes, Chocolate, but Organic Dark Chocolate that is. Shoot for 70% higher. The higher the percentage the better it is for you. I’d go for the 90%.  The 90% is a little more bitter perhaps, but well worth the health benefits.

Organic dark chocolate is great for controlling those nagging sugar cravings, AND it won’t spike your blood sugar! The coco butter in organic dark chocolate has a good amount of stearic acid which blunts digestion and keeps you feeling full, managing your appetite, preventing all-out BINGES!

At www.NaturalNews.comorganic dark chocolate stacked for fat loss loophole, Celeste M. Smucker, MPH, PhD, states, “Substituting dark chocolate for some of the sugary foods may help reduce insulin resistance. A 2005 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported on research in which 15 healthy individuals ate either white or dark chocolate for 15 days. At the end of this time those who ate the dark chocolate experienced significantly higher insulin sensitivity and significantly lower insulin resistance compared to the white chocolate group. As a nice bonus, the dark chocolate group also experienced lower blood pressure.”

But, the bitter truth about eating dark chocolate is that you need to implement portion control. Yes, to use this chocolate treat as a fat loss loophole food, just 1-2 pieces every 2-3 days.

Unlike our good friend, red wine, organic dark chocolate is calorically-dense. Two to three pieces is about 125 calories and 10 grams of fat.

Here’s a little fat loss loophole trick

At your contest, backstage while pumping up, have a bite size Snickers or two (not organic chocolate). This sugar shock will help for a last-minute carbing process and load sugar in the veins, making your muscles and veins swell, giving you a harder, more defined look.

Did Someone Say FAT?

Now I’m your best friend. I’ve given you the open-door policy on drinking alcohol and eating chocolate. Now I have one more treat for you.  As your coach, I’m also going to let you eat FAT!

knife dipping into natural peanut butter for fat loss loopholeNow I don’t mean run out to Mickey D’s and grab a heart attack… I mean a Big Mac. No, the fat I’m talking about is the natural fat. You see, in my experience of prepping competitors for shows and my extensive research, beyond the latest fitness book, I’ve discovered that fat (the right kind) will prompt fat loss, AND it is good for you.

Again, from my studies and working with clients I’ve gathered enough data to show that natural fat is not only good for you, it’s necessary for building muscle and losing fat.

In fact, stearic acid, found in beef and dark chocolate, is a saturated fat. Recent studies found that stearic acid doesn’t have any negative impact on heart disease risks.

The Fat Loss Loophole Facts Are:

  • The human body needs a certain amount of essential fats to function.
  • Consuming the right type of fat supports the functioning systems of the body.
  • Essential fats transport nutrients and hormones.
  • The right kinds of fat can act as a natural appetite suppressant, leaving you feeling full and satisfied.
  • Essential fats are needed for healthy skin.

There is something to those high-fat diets such as the Anabolic Diet and Atkins. The problem with these diets is they allow you to eat trans-fat or just over indulge in the calories.

There is a way to eat fat in your contest prep and ignite fat loss in as little as a week. How do I know? Because I have e-client after e-client doing it right now.

Here are the stats of a lady that came to me last year. She wanted to lose fat and get in shape. By her 3rd month people at her gym thought she was prepping for a physique competition.

body fat stats in table format

While not even prepping for a show, in 8 months this woman dropped 22 pounds of pure body fat! You should SEE her physical transformation!  How did she do it? I put FAT in her diet. She eats red meat, nuts, salmon… She can have any natural fat she wants.

So, there you have it. I’ve exposed all those silly fitness and diet myths.

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