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Bodybuilding Workouts for Beginners

bodybuilding workouts for beginnersSimple Bodybuilding Workouts for Beginners

You are here because you are looking for some of the best bodybuilding workouts for beginners.  If you are new to lifting and want some information on training splits and how to workout the right way, check this out.  I’m going to show you how to go from complete beginner to an advanced lifter, step-by-step.


You’re mainly here for the workouts, so let’s get to it.  As a beginner, you can workout more often and get results.  The unique thing about bodybuilding is, the more advanced you get, the less days you need in the gym.  As a beginner you can get away with working out 5 days a week or so.  So, let’s cover a few training splits.

Below are 3 different Bodybuilding Workouts for Beginners:

training splits for 4-6 days

Most first-time lifters will begin with the 6 days a week training because they LOVE working out and they are seeing changes all the time.  That’s great and I encourage it, as long as it’s working for you.  HOWEVER, your body will soon adapt to that training format and changes will need to be made.

What to Do When You Hit a Plateau

Now, as a beginner, it make take a while for a plateau to hit.  Logic tells us that when you hit a plateau in your training, do more.  The exact opposite applies to bodybuilding.  When it comes to muscle-building, making gains, and getting stronger you need to cut your training days back and allow some time for recovery.

If you started with training 6 days a week and have done that for the last 4-5 months and now you are not seeing those great changes anymore, it’s time to lower your training to the 5 days a week training split.  Relax!  You are still going to make progress.  You’ll still get all your training in and you’ll get an extra day of rest which equals new muscle growth.

Train on the 5 day a week split for as long as you are seeing results.  Again, if you are dedicated, that time will come again when you will hit a plateau.  Again, a good tweak is to cut back your training days and allow for another rest day.

How Can Less Training Equal More Muscle?

Taking time off from training is necessary if you want to build muscle.  When you are lifting weights you are tearing down the muscle; ripping it apart.  Once the muscle is ripped to pieces it needs to be repaired through recovery.  If you keep training without allowing for recovery, the muscle cannot and will not arrow pointing down

So, in the gym you are ripping the muscle into a million pieces and when you are away from the gym taking in quality nutrition and resting your muscles are growing bigger and stronger.  Make sense?

Now, look below…


Learn Bodybuilding The Right Way

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Learn Bodybuilding The Right Way

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