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Bodybuilding Symmetry

bodybuilding symmetry

Bodybuilding Symmetry is a Balance of Your Left and Right Sides…

Bodybuilding symmetry refers to your left side and right side being equally developed and balanced.  Symmetry is NOT how well your upper body and lower body are balanced.  That is referred to as proportion.  Adam Lumbely, bodybuilder and fitness consultant adds, “Symmetry in bodybuilding refers to having the same muscle size on the left side of the body as the right side.”  The terms symmetry and proportion have become interchangeable over the years due to misinformation.

Identifying Great Bodybuilding Symmetry

Some of the best bodybuilding symmetry can be seen on Lenda Murray and Flex Wheeler.  These bodybuilders hold a tremendous amount of muscle mass with full muscle bellies.  Their extremely small waists set the stage to bring all their great features out.  Their lats are wide and thick masses that open up beautifully when they pose.  They possess large quads with nice sweeps that are complimented with thick hamstrings.  Their impressive calves are developed well beyond what most lifters can ever wish for.  Their physiques are topped off with cannonball shoulders.  These IFBB Pros are just an example of what balanced body parts actually mean.

Symmetry is a genetic component.  However, there is a lot you can do with what you are given. If you want impressive bodybuilding symmetry then you have to start training in such a way to bring out a well-balanced physique.

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How to Build Good Muscle Balance

Most people have a strong side and a weaker side.  Typically, if you are right handed, your right side is going to be stronger.  You will notice this in training and when flexing.  Now, the trick is to make your weaker side stronger so you can be equally strong and developed on your left and right side.

Building better symmetry is most easily done with dumbbells and cables.  Using these formats will allow you to use more weight on your weaker side.

For Example:  If your left biceps muscle is smaller and weaker than your right biceps muscle, you can easily fix this with unilateral training.  One way is to use a heavier dumbbell on your weaker side when doing your set of curls.  Another way is to do your dumbbells curls with the normal poundage you use and then when the set is complete, grab a lighter dumbbell, and just crank some reps out with that weaker arrow pointing down


But Here's The REAL Secret...

This is just an example of how to build great bodybuilding symmetry if you are not gifted in that department.  If you would like even more information on how to build a great physique, one you could be proud of, check out my FREE  Bodybuilding Lessons.

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But Here's The REAL Secret...

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