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Bodybuilding and Protein Intake

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Bodybuilding and Protein Intake

Bodybuilding and protein intake are one of the most important aspects to your training and diet if you want to build muscle.  Building muscle is a finely orchestrated pattern of the proper construction materials which are protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, and even some supplementation when implemented properly.

Your body uses these five elements for energy and the rebuilding process for muscle growth to occur. Any imbalance of the necessary elements can stall muscle gains dead in its tracks.

Protein is a crucial element in muscle gains. Every living cell in your body is constructed of protein. This macronutrient is the building material you need in order to achieve the muscle gains you desire.

Benefits of protein:

Regulates hormones
Maintains the body’s water balance
Transports nutrients in and out of cells
Protects against diseases
Regulates blood clotting

Oh, and best of all… Protein builds muscle!

What Does the RDA Say?

The RDA for protein is very low and doesn’t offer any real health benefits. This can explain why many people suffer with low immune systems. For the human body to function properly, it needs protein. Many bodybuilders require 1-2 grams per pound of body weight.

If you fail to consume adequate protein, you can rob yourself of precious muscle gains; your body will literally breakdown its own organs and muscle simply to keep a balanced level of amino acids in the body. This is why it’s CRITICAL to keep a positive nitrogen balance by eating a balanced meal every 3 hours.

Type of Proteins You Should Eat

The best types of proteins you should eat to build muscle are natural ones from animal sources such as fish, turkey, chicken, eggs, dairy products, steak, etc.  Always choose natural protein and avoid processed protein.

Vegetarians can choose from such things as tofu, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, black-eyed beans, white beans, tempeh, chickpeas, natural peanut butter, lintels, kidney beans, etc.

What You Really Need to Know…

While bodybuilding and protein intake are critical, you need to also have a good balance of carbs and fats in your diet.  When you have a balanced diet, your body can build muscle easily.  Learn what to do and what not to do in your bodybuilding diet below…


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