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Body Transformation Workouts Allow You To Burn Fat For Fuel And Build Muscle Like Crazy

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Figure and Physique competitions are mainstream these days. Have you ever wondered how those ladies get in such OUTSTANDING shape? I’ll share a little secret with you. Those great physiques that shine in the magazines and on stage are created with precise body transformation workouts.

I’m not going to waste your time and bore you with success tips such as you need to have a goal, determination, accountability, and an action plan. Those are no-brainers. I’m going to share with you real training tips you can put to use today and start getting visual and physical changes in the next 14 days!

Rep Range And Poundage Gauge

Here’s the deal, and I mean the raw, uncut truth.  Training to get results involves you working each muscle with aerobic AND anaerobic weight training. What does this mean? This simply means you need to be lifting heavy weight in the 8-12 rep range until complete failure.

For example, if your training protocol calls for squats, 4 sets in the 12 rep rage, then you need to choose a poundage in which you can complete 12 reps to failure. If you can do more than 12 reps the weight is too light and if you can’t quite complete 12 reps the weight is too heavy.

Using The Weider Principles

Another training tip is to use the Weider Training Principles to shock your muscles into growth. By using various training principles you can constantly train and never hit a plateau! How is this possible? Because your workout training is constantly changing every week, so your body can’t adapt to it.

An example of using the Weider Training Principles for shock value is, during your first week of training use drop sets and your next week of training implement negatives, and so on.

Drop Set – A drop set is simply training to complete failure, then dropping the poundage and continue to rep out until complete failure again. Rest and repeat.

Negatives – Negative are when you take 6-10 seconds to lower the weight and then power it back up. An example of this is the bench press, take 6-10 seconds to lower the weight and then power it back to the starting position.

When you implement constant change with various shock principles in your body transformation workouts, your body always has something new to work with and can never adjust and hit a plateau.

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