2 HUGE Bikini Prep Errors That Will Rob You Of 1st Place And Can EVEN Prevent You From Getting The First Call Out

(and ONE can actually cause Metabolic Damage)


Have you ever wondered how some women can go from overweight or out-of-shape to a lean, mean Bikini queen in record time? bikini training

Have you ever wondered how those first-time Bikini competitors are able to go from unfit to a 1st Place WINNERS?

Have you ever tried a Bikini prep workout posted on the latest newbies blog, slaving away day after day, yet NEVER seeing even the most remote change?

The truth is, you’ve been lied to… about how to diet and workout to get a Bikini-ready body. It’s a huge problem for women who are looking to build a Bikini-body or prep and compete in a Bikini Competition.


It's NOT your fault if you ever tried one of those Bikini prep programs that have posted to a competitors blog. I agree, those diet and workout programs delicately outlined with before and after pics are enticing. They are impressive...

...They are also deceiving. They are misleading and completely unreliable.

A body transformation is the result of overall fat loss and overall muscle development. However, those free Bikini prep programs freely given on competitor's blogs are NOT going to help YOU lose fat, transform your body and have you Bikini-Ready.


My name is Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT. I'm a former competitor and fitness expert with over 25 years of research and real life trial-and-error under my belt. Over the last quarter of a century I have successfully helped THOUSANDS of women make a total body transformations.

As a Bikini Coach, my job is to ensure that you lose fat and maintain lean muscle development so you can present the perfect package for your goal date.

Whether your goal is to just have a die-hard Bikini body, be beach-ready, or enter a Bikini Contest, you can rest assure that the information you receive from me is NOT from a coach that just entered me in a contest and it is NOT stolen from someone else's website.

I have spent my life breaking down the muscle gain and fat loss equation and extending that into competition prep. My thousands of success stories from women all over the world speak for themselves.


Here are the 2 Most Popular Bikini Prep Errors That Will Prevent You From Losing Fat At An Appropriate Rate And Will Prevent You From Even Making The First Call Out...


Bikini Prep Error #1 - Getting Advice From a Total Newbie

Are you aware that there is a hoard of Bikini prep tips online with absolutely ZERO facts or research to back them up?

What's worse is that total newbies are giving advice and even CHARGING for diet and training programs when they THEMSELVES don't even know how to diet down properly for a body transformation. Many newbies competing and placing well are, more often than not, under the guidance of a coach.

A coach will typically tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat, when to train, how to train, when to do cardio, how to do cardio, length of time to do cardio, etc. online trainer

The COACH does all the evaluations, math, formulas, and tweaks, while the competitor does the physical work.

But that's not all... a Bikini competitor who went from overweight or out-of-shape to a bombshell in 20 weeks or less did not do it on her own, and she doesn't have the knowledge or resources to help anyone else do even close to the same.

However, time and time again these women are online selling themselves as an expert, when all they did was follow the program their coach gave them.

Just because a Bikini competitor made a jaw-dropping body transformation does not mean she has the knowledge or resources to help you do the same.

One Bikini competitor confesses that she competed in her first Bikini competition only 5 months after discovering them. After that, she proclaims herself an expert in the competition arena and is charging other women for Bikini prep programs.

Problem... She only knows how to follow a program given to her. She does NOT have the history, research or experience to prep ANYONE!

Taylor Normandeau, senior editor of Project Bodybuilding states "The internet has only helped turn everyone into experts, and now anyone who has read a viral Facebook article on clean eating can bicker back and forth with someone who has been in the trenches for two decades."

Following advice of a recent competitor because the two of you are similar in (body type, age, ...) can prevent you from losing fat at a reasonable pace and even threaten the chances of you EVEN placing at ALL!

Without the proper guidance on Bikini Prep, you can find yourself losing muscle, hoarding fat, and looking strung-out and soft on competition day.

No Worries... There is a safe and effective way to diet and workout so you actually burn off that stubborn body fat and build sexy head-turning muscle that will get you first call out. It’s an easy 3-step solution you can use as soon as today that’s found on the Next Page.

Bikini Prep Error #2 - Cutting Everything Out Your Diet Right Out the Gate

A HUGE Bikini prep problems is cutting EVERYTHING out of your diet at once. Granted, there comes a time you need to limit calories, carbs and even reduce bread and dairy to some degree IF it's necessary, but FAR too many Bikini competitors are cutting everything out for a full 12 weeks.

But this unawareness is not limited to new Bikini competitors. I was FLOORED when I heard that some Bikini coaches are giving their clients 12 week programs that contain:avoid fruit and dairy

  1. No Bread
  2. No Dairy
  3. No Alcohol
  4. No Sugar
  5. No Fat
  6. No Fruit
  7. No Cheat Meals

How about no metabolism? How about no immune system?

Some of the above are a given such as avoiding alcohol and processed sugar, but cutting fruit and fat out of your diet is only a ticket to illnesses's and diseases, not to mention metabolic downgrade and other catastrophic chemical processes in the body.

Your goal should be a Bikini-ready body, not a emergency room or morgue-ready body.

It's a FACT that your body NEEDS vitamins and minerals to function and thrive. Fruit is VERY high in vitamin C, especially citrus fruit. Scurvy is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, and it's still around today. There is absolutely no reason to avoid fruit for 12 weeks!

Cut out your fat? You can run the chance of getting rickets, which is caused by a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is found in good fats from things such as fatty fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon), some dairy products, egg yolks, etc.

Fitness trainer, Erik Ledin states "For long-term success, people have to move from the dieting mentality to the lifestyle mentality which then means you have to start eating the right foods and eating healthy and whatnot; basically learning to make good choices. Lean proteins and a lot of fruit and vegetables and good fats like raw nuts and the like." << Again, ANYONE with a quality background in fitness and nutrition will CLEARLY tell you that you NEED whole and natural foods for a body transformation.

Can you SEE that you should NOT cut out the base essentials of nutrition?

To SAFELY transform to a Bikini body you need to feed your body nutrients and NOT relay on the latest before and after pic you see on Facebook.

That’s why I created Bikini Prep Secrets. Is the first PROVEN Bikini Prep Program that can transform your body to have you Bikini-ready in 12 weeks, including meal plans that WILL NOT harm your body.

Find out about this prep system, without all the risks on the Next Page.

Wait... Before You Move On...

It's important that you understand that just because someone transformed or won first place does not make them qualified to train or prep you. If you want to transform your physique and even compete in a Bikini Contest, there IS an effective and safe system that WORKS.

It's called Bikini Prep Secrets, a proven system you can start using today to transform your body and have it Bikini-ready in without going to extremes and getting yourself injured in the process. You will see what I mean on the Next Page....

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