2 of the Most Popular Bikini Workouts That Will NEVER Transform Your Body Or Help You to Lose Body Fat

(and ONE can actually cause Physical Harm to you)

Would it surprise you to know that many of the Popular Bikini Workouts and Methods such as CrossFit, P90X and Insanity have VERY little effect on an actual Bikini body transformation?

I will get right to the point and explain this in the short article below. I’m blowing the lid off and exposing why these trendy “fad workouts” can possibly be causing you to lose muscle and hoard body fat. Eww…. NOT the look you want in a bikini or as a Bikini competitor!

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If you REALLY want to lose body fat, sculpt your body into that of a Bikini Goddess, and build strong, round glutes, PLEASE be certain that you are NOT falling prey to those trendy fitness videos.


Here are the 2 Most Popular Bikini Workouts That Are Ineffective for a Bikini Transformation And Keeping Your Body Stagnant...


Ineffective Bikini Workout #1 – P90X

Regardless of what you may be coaxed into believing on those late-night infomercials on fitness products, chic full body workouts such as P90X tend to help with overall body weight loss, but aren’t successful in fat loss for a Bikini body transformation because they lack proper anaerobic stimulation and focus too much on calorie bun.p90x

Bikini competitors need a booty that commands attention when they sashay across the stage and when they get into their back stance.

For the ideal Bikini body,it's imperative that you implement a training program designed for muscle stimulation as the primary factor.

In addition, P90X and other similar workout DVDs don't provide the specifics on how to workout properly as such a high intensity level.

Without the proper guidance on form, it’s common to see newbies and even intermediate athletes get some pretty serious injuries, everything from muscle tears to joint issues.

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Ineffective Bikini Workout #2 – CrossFit

CrossFit workouts can assist in weight loss, provided you don’t get caught up in the insanity of the cult mentality. It is fine to use as a general workout rather than a lifestyle.

CrossFit workouts integrate rudiments from gymnastics, plyometrics, high-intensity, strongman, interval training, power-lifting, calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, and kettle bell training.

There are many problems associated with Crossfit training which can be somewhat dangerous on many levels.

CrossFit Gumbo is a pretty much a cut-and-dry term for what it really is. CrossFit takes the bare-bone basics of structured training methods designed for a specific goal and irresponsibly jams them all together. “The types of exercises used in a typical Crossfit workout were never intended to be performed in an all-out, ballistic fashion,” says Brook Ross at Livestrong.com. Such training can actually cause MUSCLE LOSS because the various training methods were designed for anaerobic training.

CrossFit is EXTREMELY hard on your joints. Thousands of cases have surfaced of people who have ripped tendons, shattered joints, broken bones, and ruptured discs by implemented the methods and being pushed beyond healthy limits in CrossFit workouts.

Uncle Rhabdo will come for a visit. Who is Uncle Rhabdo? You really don’t want to know, but I feel it’s best to inform you before he comes to ruin your life. The high impact stress caused by CrossFit training can also result in a condition known as "exertional rhabdomyolysis" causing acute renal failure and death in some cases.

Dr. Heather Gillespie from UCLA states Rhabdomyolysis is a kidney condition usually caused by excessive exercise that can be life-threatening. CrossFit is SO extreme that the muscle cells essentially become non-efficient. They leach protein into the blood stream. The byproduct of muscle fibers, myoglobin, is then released into the blood stream which then clogs up your kidneys, poisoning them and your body.

To SAFELY transform to a Bikini, body you need to workout in such a way that you stimulate the muscle fibers, lose body fat, build a fit body, and still be alive at the end of the day.

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Hang On... Before You Proceed

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