2 Mega Glute Training Mistakes MOST Women Are Making In Their Workouts That Prevents Them From Building A Round And Firm Butt


Have you ever wondered how those Bikini competitors you see gracing the stage have the most PERFECTLY built butts? They are EXTREMELY fit and trim and when they do the booty pop pose, they put Buns of Steel to shame. booty pop

But how do they get such well-built, round, and tight butts? How do they get their glutes perfectly round for that overall eye-pleasing look the judges are looking for?


You might think that hitting the gym and doing repeated circuits of pop-squats, donkey kicks and burpees will deliver such impressive butt-building results. After all, those facebook memes say so, right?

Believe it or not, there is a REAL butt-building formula these Bikini competitors use to build such impressive glutes, and it's not your everyday sissy leg and glute training workout either.

If you've ever tried to build great quads, hams, and glutes in the past and failed miserably, it's not your fault and you're not alone. The fact is, 97% of the women working out in hopes to build great glutes are making 2 mega glute training mistakes, robbing them of their desired results.


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Here are the 2 Glute Training Mistakes That 97% of the Women Working Out Are Making...

...Are YOU Making These Mistakes Too?


Not Using Appropriate Weight Loads

Most newbies working out and prepping for a Bikini contest are simply robbing themselves of quality lower body and glute training by NOT using enough poundage. They are plagued by the fear of "heavy weight training builds bulk," when NOTHING could be more wrong. glute training

Let me make it CLEAR right now that muscle is not bulky. Muscle is lean, firm and tight. Fat, on the other hand, is bulky and squishy. There is absolutely no way possible that you will get bulky by working out with moderate to heavy poundage when training to build LEAN muscle tissue.

According to Katie Lobliner & Derek Charlebois B.S. CPT at simplyshredded, "Unless you are on exogenous testosterone or other anabolic steroids, you will not become big and bulky from lifting weights." If you do get bulky by just working out, please send me a personal e-mail because we will have you featured on Ripley's Believe It Or Not!


Any Bikini competitor who has done a sexy sashay across the stage sporting her well-built butt knows all too well that to build Great Glutes you have to build your butt muscles with appropriate weight loads.

You can't skirt by with doing one or two sets of squats and think you are good-to-go. No way, sister. You really have to get in, get enough compound sets in for the appropriate reps to make any noticeable changes.


But, what you really need to understand is that using appropriate weight loads will not only build that round butt that you want, but it will also jack-up your metabolism. This is the most naturally anabolic effect you can get, all they while keeping your sexy femininity! It's the most amazing process.


Look at your current lower body training program. If you aren't getting sore and if you aren't getting results, those are clear signs that it's not working for you and a clear sign you need a training program change.

No Worries... There is a very effective training program for upper and lower body (including glutes) so you can build a sexy Bikini body that's stage worthy... It's found on the Next Page.

Doing the Wrong Forms of Cardio

Shockingly, the second glute training mistake most Bikini competitors make ISN'T doing too much Cardio, but doing the WRONG FORMS of cardio for the targeted goal. bikini cardio

The goal of the Bikini competitor is to get lean and fit with a nice round POPPIN' booty; in essence, a drop-dead sexy hot body.


You will have to do cardio to burn off your excess fat stores, BUT you want to be selective with the cardio format you choose so you don't waste away your sexy curves and get a pancake butt.

To get well-rounded glutes that put the rest of the Bikini competitors in your line-up to shame, you need to structure your cardio so it's NOT infringing on your butt building workouts.

Jo Jackson, fitness expert at livehealthychron explains, "Unless you pick the right type of cardio, you could be left with a flat butt. You need to choose [cardio] workouts that work the glutes and focus on building muscle while you’re burning calories and fat."


It's quite clear that in order to build an impressive booty that's going to get you in the first call out, you are going to have to employ the use of moderate to heavy weight training to some degree and implement the forms of cardio that build the butt muscles rather than just work them until they are flat.

For these reasons, I created the perfect program for Bikini competitors, Bikini Prep Secrets. The proven formal outline in BPS will ignite fat loss in all the right areas and help you to build impressive glutes so you can command attention on stage.

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Hang On... One More Thing...

It's critical to understand that cardio is a must for a Bikini body transformation, but it's CRUCIAL that you choose the right cardio formats that add shape to your butt.

That's where Bikini Prep Secrets comes in... It will teach you the BEST cardio formats for your goal, plus added tweaks to really build up the booty. This program you are about to see will have you booty and Bikini-ready in 12 weeks.

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