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About Me and You

I started in the fitness industry in 1988. In addition to that, for the last 17 years I've been helping women ONLINE lose fat, build muscle, and get in contest shape.

My online popularity grew like wildfire when I was one of the first Moderators on The information I provided in posts was so accurate and so raw, I was accused of being a man by the male members. Soon after that emailed me and asked me to write some articles.

My private messages were always full and I was getting bombarded with emails. What was a hobby, posting and socializing online, had become a job.

I started to gather all my data, research and experiments and expand on various topics of fitness, from everything from female bodybuilding to Bikini contest prep, and wrote books on the various areas of fitness that women wanted more REAL information about.

amyYou are simply amazing at what you do, and I have not read about, heard of, or seen anyone more knowledgeable than you. I love every one of your articles on your website--they just make sense and your plans WORK. Bottom line. No fancy workout routines or complicated meal plans--basic stuff that WORKS. You also explain things so well--you don't just say do this, or eat this way, without explaining the science behind it, and I LOVE that. The most important thing is that you do it all the HEALTHY way, and those are all reasons why you are my trainer!

Amy D.

About Me

My name is Karen Sessions and I'm a Cajun, plucked out of Savannah, GA at a young age and currently reside in a small town that pumped out two famous country stars. So, geographically, I feel somewhat misplaced, but fitness-wise, I'm your woman.

karen sessions bikini coachI started weight training right after my high school graduation, and the mischievous age of 17. My goal was to get fit and gain muscle. Six years later I went to my first bodybuilding contest in Biloxi, MS and I was HOOKED. My goal then was to get on stage and earn a trophy.

Well, I didn't compete the following year as planned because I couldn't quite figure out how to put it all together and take it to the stage. However, I did compete the following year and in just 24 months after that I earned my first First Place and Overall.

It took a few trial-and-errors, a few tumble and falls, but I did finally figure out the formulas of muscle gain, strength gain, fat loss, and contest prep. Since then I've been happily helping other women, and men, transform their bodies, get in shape, and even compete in physique contests.

What better way to help provide information on your fitness interest than to write a book and provide meal plans and workouts that give you the results you want?

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Google, but I'm not a social bug these days, as my time is spent researching and writing.

If you are looking for a starting point for your fat loss or Bikini prep journey, then I recommend checking out some of my articles online.

About You

See, look how nice I am. I included YOU on my About page.

That's because you are important. I value my readers and I want to help you reach your body transformation goal and help you dominate the Bikini stage.

I'm a firm believer that a true coach empowers others, not takes away from them. Information you receive from me will always be written by me and it will be relative information regarding fat loss and Bikini prep.

So, Let's Get Started

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