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ATTENTION ladies who want a Bikini Body: Learn about the proven Bikini Prep system for a Total Body Transformation.

You Can Apply The Proven Bikini Prep System Used By The Bikini Pros That Targets That Noticeable Fat On Your Waist, Thighs, and Butt And Start Transforming Your Physique Safely And Effectively

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Forget about all the hyped-up and dangerous workouts that cause more muscle loss than fat loss…

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You are about to find out the REAL Reason you haven’t been able to transform your body and put on a bikini.

You can start today and implement the ideal training system needed to make a total body transformation and build Nice Round Glutes that fill just perfect in a bikini And EVEN Enter a Bikini Contest – – Without doing endless hours ineffective exercises that eat up your sexy muscle.

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bikini coachTake A Look At Your Body.  Are you fit and in the shape you want to be in?  If you HAD to put on a bikini RIGHT NOW, could you and feel comfortable about it?

Why not?

Is it because your body is lacking proportion and symmetry? Is a muffin top trying to form? How are those legs? Can you pull and grab an inch on your thigh? If so, imagine what your butt really looks like.

Let’s face it. If I gave you $1,000 Right Now to put on a bikini, you wouldn’t, would you?

Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing other ladies wear whatever the hell they want, even bikinis with round and firm butts, and you CONTINUE to struggle day after day to build that same Bikini body?

It really doesn’t matter the current shape you are in, and it really doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 55. If ANY of the above scenarios describe you or what you feel, you aren’t alone and your struggles are not your fault. And, if you’ve made this far, chances are you want to do something about it.

You’ve Been Lied To: I know, like most of those new to the fitness industry, you rely on Facebook for links to information. Facebook is a huge platform for advertising. I’ve seen the most ridiculous posts and fitness “information” on there. I’ve seen everything from fruit is good for you to don’t eat fruit if you want to lose fat. facebook ads

If you’ve been following the social media path for your Bikini prep information, you have been misinformed on how to eat and workout for effective fat loss.

The new wave and trendy fitness workouts are poorly structured remake wannabe’s from tried-and-true workouts used by top athletes. Such workouts have been known to cause muscle trauma, joint issues, and even kidney failure!

With such high intense and strenuous workouts, the body NEVER has time to recover and therefore, your body is CONSTANTLY taxed. In the end you lose muscle, gain fat, your immune system is compromised, and you end up just a softer and flabbier you.

Once your burnout is over you’re left just an out of shape mess…. ALL DUE TO A POORLY STRUCTURED WORKOUT PROGRAM!

HOWEVER, you’re very lucky that you found this page if you want a Bikini-Ready body to take to the beach or even the competitive stage. What you are about to embark on is specialized training and diet techniques that are specifically designed to transform your body.

Bottom line: This program works for building a Bikini-ready body.

The Sad Fact Is That Most Of The Popular Bikini Workouts Are PREVENTING You From Transforming Your Body And Are Causing Muscle Loss

Bad News… Even though the extreme high-intensity insanity workouts can help you lose some weight, the weight loss is primarily muscle loss.

Good News Though… Bikini Prep Secrets is designed to burn body fat with precisely structured workouts that anyone can do, even total newbies.

The women using Bikini Prep Secrets are NO different from you! They just have access to the insider information, applying the techniques and getting results in record time.

But that’s not all…

Women who claim to have the worst genetics EVER are getting jaw-dropping changes in weeks using the workout techniques laid out in Bikini Prep Secrets.

Now YOU Can Finally Have The Advantage and Use The Proven Tactics That Work for Building a Bikini Body…

michelle tyra before
michelle tyra after
At 39, Michelle lost 31 pounds training in her basement then stepped on stage at the NPC Natural Northern USA

Believe it or not…Michelle’s results were achieved in just 12 weeks…

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Without injury provoking workouts

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Without doing hours and hours of training

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Without taxing her muscles to where they couldn’t recover

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Without starving herself to get lean

How and Why is this possible? Because I have carefully put this program together myself, based on over 25 years of research, knowledge, and experiments. I have mastered the art of creating the perfect physique with training and eating strategies that work.

The ONLY way to fail is NOT to do it.

Now, if you prefer to follow other Bikini programs that have all the promises but never deliver results, it’s your choice.

BUT, I have a better option for you…


Allow Me to Introduce The MOST Effective Bikini Body Workout and Nutrition Program Used by The IFBB Bikini Pro’s

The Training Platform to Lose Fat and Keep Muscle
3 Phase Training To Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Sculpt Your Physique

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Bikini Prep Secrets was created to give you the most precise training, diet, and supplemental protocol needed to lose fat and reshape your entire body so it’s bikini-ready.

The Training System Rotation and How It Works

Phase 1 – 12 Weeks Out includes your fat loss training program. This part is broken up into 4 rotations to strip off body fat right out the gate. You will be instructed on what exercise to do, the number of reps and sets and what training principle to use that will be the most effective.

Phase 2 – 8 Weeks Out incorporates muscle and strength training to the degree you are able to keep your muscle while your diet protocol kicks in to burn more body fat. Reps, sets, and tempo are listed to give you the most effective workout without overtaxing your body.

Phase 3 – 4 Weeks Out uses leaning out and conditioning training to pull it all together and make your toned, tight, and polished. This portion of training is also broken up into 4 rotations to ensure proper muscle stimulation and proper recovery.

Who Am I and Why You Should Listen to Me…

karen sessions bikini coachMy name is Karen Sessions and I’m a multi-certified personal trainer, Bikini Coach, and best-selling author of 8 fitness eBooks. I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1988, researching, studying, putting into practice, competing, and training clients.

I’ve helped THOUSANDS of women from 18-55+ years of age compete and even win Bikini competitions. My PROVEN system WORKS.

I wrote Bikini Prep Secrets due to the demand for REAL contest prep information and the lack of QUALITY FACTS. There is an overwhelming amount of information online going in 20 different directions. This leads you down a path of diet and training confusion and ultimately not losing fat, eating up muscle, destroying the metabolism, and the final outcome is giving up.

I’ve done all the work for you. ALL you do is just follow the system. Its’ as easy as that.

As of Right Now You Can Put into Practice the Ultimate Bikini Prep Fat Loss System That Literally Melts Fat Off Your Body, Builds Your Butt, and Transforms Your Physique in Just 12 Weeks…

Keep in mind that I’ve been doing this pretty much my whole life, for over 27 years now. I’ve had to figure out EVERY side of the fat loss, fitness equation to bring women from all age groups and all walks of life down to slide into a Bikini for the competitive stage. Through precise revisions, I was able to pull together the perfect contest prep protocol to have you stage-ready in 12 weeks, FLAT!

But, What’s More Important is…

Bikini Prep Secrets is SO Easy to follow. Every thing is clearly outlined for you to print and follow.


This is the VERY First Time Bikini Prep Secrets is being released to the public. It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to get such a thorough program any where else. So, unless you’re one of my many online clients that I work one-on-one with, you may not have ever trained or dieted like this before.

The Diet Phases

diet phases 1-6

The Bikini Prep Secrets diet plan runs the course of 6 Phases to keep your body off guard so you are always losing body fat. You will eat a diet that’s BALANCED in protein, carbs, and essential fats so your body is Properly Nourished while you go through the Bikini Prep System. With your Bikini Prep Diet locked in, it sets the stage for functional workouts.

Daily and Weekly Dieatry Changes Don’t Work for Fat Loss

It takes your body 21 days to adjust to a new eating plan. These Bikini Meal Plan Diet Phases run the alloted time, just to the point your body is adapting to the meal plan then BAM, it changes! That’s when many of your physique changs will take place, after you make the dietary tweak every phase.

red bulletFind out the foods you need to avoid so you can get super lean
red bulletLearn the foods you should eat so you can burn fat
red bulletFind out the secret to eating carbs successfully and not feeling any guilt
red bulletLearn all the macros you need and get a full list of all the recommended macros
red bulletDiscover the secret fat loss weapon in your diet that you may be under utilizing
red bulletLearn how many meals you should eat and when to eat each so you can boost your metabolism
red bulletGet the 411 on approved condiments so you can add flavor to your meals
red bulletFind out the little secret tips to getting rid of that nagging late night hunger
red bulletReceive 6 meal plans sent to your email throughout the phases of the 12 weeks

The Training Phases

training phases 1-3

The training runs in 3 Phases to continually SHOCK your muscles. This keeps your body in a Metabolically-Active mode so you can continue to burn fat without muscle loss.

Twelve weeks out includes fat loss training to pull body fat off at the very start. During the 8 weeks out phase, muscle and strengtH training are introduced to ENSURE your body stays metabolically-active when the diet starts to tighten-up. At the 4 weeks out mark training changes to more conditioning and leaning out so you bring the perfect package to the Bikini stage.

red bulletDiscover the 4 weeks of fat loss training to set the stage for a body transformation
red bulletLearn how strength and muscle training can boost your metabolism to burn fat
red bulletFind out how the last 4 weeks of Bikini training can tone and tighten for the total package
red bulletGet the insider information on how to make circuit training work for fat loss
red bulletLearn how tempo training can boost your strength and metabolism so you can shape up
red bulletFind out how to implement certain training principles to boost training capacity for fat loss
red bulletLearn the specific butt and leg workouts you must do so you can build a Bikini booty
red bulletFind out exactly how to train your lower body so the judges can choose you as the Bikini winner
red bulletReceive 3 training program sent to your email throughout the phases of the 12 weeks


The Cardio Phases

cardio phases 1-4

The Bikini cardio portion runs the course of 4 Phases so you are CONSTANTLY losing body fat while you are maintaining your lean muscle. The cardio portion works side-by-side with the meal plan and training. As your diet tightens up slowly over the course of the 12 weeks, your cardio slowly progress so you are burning the candle at both ends, rater than just using up all your resources week one.

The cardio portion of the Bikini Prep program is designed for fat loss and building the glutes so your can have the ultimate Bikini-ready body, any time, any where.

red bulletLearn how to cycle cardio formats so you can increase fat loss 10-fold
red bulletFind out how to use the treadmill so you can build your butt
red bulletDiscover a little cardio stepmill strategy you can use to increase the roundness of your glutes
red bulletLearn an advanced stepping trick you can do with cardio to build better glutes
red bulletGet insider information on how to rotate steady state and HIIT to trick your body into fat loss
red bulletLearn a glute building cardio tactic the Pro’s use so you can get a beautiful backside.
red bulletFind out how to use the stepmill in such a way that your burn fat while building a round booty
red bulletLearn an easy glutes tactic you can implement any time and any where for firming your butt
red bulletReceive 4 cardio program sent to your email throughout the phases of the 12 weeks

The Bikini Prep Secrets System is BRAND NEW and there’s nothing else like it available, or even comes close to it. You will be implementing the latest and most effective nutrition, training and cardio techniques to build sexy muscle, lose body fat, and to build a die-hard sexy Bikini Butt.

And The Best Part Of It All…

This program can be used by newbies, first time Bikini competitors and even advanced athletes and competitors. It’s SO Simple. Just follow the step-by-step programs I send you and watch your body start transforming until it’s Bikini-Ready!

So, starting RIGHT NOW you can start using THE BEST Bikini Program around to start losing fat and creating a head-turning butt that looks GREAT in a bikini.

Here It Is
The 3 Phase Bikini Prep System to Lose Fat and Transform Your Body in Just 12 Weeks

bikini prep secerts

checkmarkImplement simple and effective training methods to build a great butt
checkmarkReceive precise meal plans for a full 12 weeks so you can transform your body
checkmarkUse step-by-step cardio tactics that strip body fat off to have you stage-ready
checkmarkLearn about the best and most effective natural fat burning stacks to have the unfair advantage
checkmarkFind out what the judges are looking for so you can impress them the moment you step on stage
checkmarkLearn about the posing suits, cuts, styles, and colors and how to choose the best one for you
checkmarkFind out about how to choose the best heel to make you look like gold on stage
checkmarkLearn about how to find the best competition for you to compete in
checkmarkFind out how you go about getting registered for a show so you don’t screw it all up

But That’s Not All…

bikini posing

Bikini Posing – Pose Like the Pro’s ($29 Value)

Posing is vital part of the program if you are planning on competing. All too often, the eager Bikini competitor enters her first competition and ends up stunned and embarrassed because she didn’t know how to pose, she made obvious mistakes and she didn’t know how to use her posing to capture the judges attention.

Learn how to do the Bikini poses so you pose and shine like a pro, capturing the audience and the judges attention. You’ll be a step ahead of your competition with insider secrets on how that sexy C-curve in your lower back when doing your back stance pose.

Learn how to do transitions and how to do the T-walk and avoid looking like a complete novice! Learn all the in’s and out’s about posing, pre-judging, the call outs, the evening show, etc.


training manual

Bikini Training Manual ($27 Value)

More often than not, Bikini hopefuls go about their training ALL Wrong, doing too many exercises that do the same thing, and using too many sets and reps.

Bottom line, most bikini workouts are structured so poorly that they never keep their lean muscle that supports the sexy curves and they overtrain to the point that they hoard body fat, giving them that soft and squishy look.

To build a lean and toned physique that’s ready for the beach or the Bikini stage, then you need to implement the proper exercises that will build your butt and your overall muscle so you look absolutely stunning in a bikini.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans – 6 Phases ($97 Value)

Much confusion comes along with Bikini dieting and meal plans. Most women in pursuit of a Bikini-ready body cut their calories, starve themselves of carbs, then fat. In the end, they have lost muscle, hoarded body fat, and shut down their metabolism, giving them the skinny fat look with ribs producing. That’s not a desired look.

End the diet and nutrition confusion about what to eat for fat loss. Bikini Prep Secrets provides you with 6 meal phases so you continually lose body fat as you go through the process.

These meal plans are calculated to provide food variety and balance. As your body changes every few weeks, your menu plan will change.


Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts – 4 Phases ($47 Value)

More often than not, Bikini competitors do far too much cardio. When you do an excess amount of cardio on very little calories, you eat up your lean and curvy muscle tissue. This will give you that soft appearance, like you are retaining water.

To avoid muscle loss and to focus more on fat loss, Bikini Prep Secrets comes with precise cardio programs that outline what days to do cardio, how long, which cardio format to use and any advanced techniques to implement to give added glute work.

These cardio formats allow you to burn fat AND build your glutes at the same time.

training program

Bikini Prep Training – 3 Phases ($97 Value)

Stop wasting time in the gym doing the wrong exercises for your goal. Most women training for a Bikini body or contest do the wrong exercises, in the wrong sequence, TOO many exercises, and the wrong reps and sets. Simply, over training to the degree of over confusion. They end up burned out and not much changed except a loss of energy, strength and motivation.

You can have the cutting advantage with these Bikini prep training programs that give you the EXACT exercises you need to do for each of the 3 Training Phases: Fat Loss, Muscle and Strength, Conditioning and Leaning Out

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$297 Everything for Just $97

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