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Bikini Posing Tips

Learn Your Bikini Posing Tips So You Can Pose Like A Pro

It’s official!  You decided to compete in a bikini competition and now you need some solid bikini posing tips. Right?  No problem.  I will share with you little pointers you can use for your first time on stage so you can impress the judges with classy bikini posing.

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First, you need to know this right out the gate.  A bikini competition is not about muscle mass and definition.  Those components are for Figure, Physique, and Female Bodybuilding.  If you want to pose muscle and get hard, change categories.

To compete in a bikini contest you need to present poise, look great in a bikini, and know how to pose to show off your physique.  Julie Lohre, IFBB Fitness & Figure Professional, states, “The Bikini division is an exciting and fun division where women have the freedom to show off their incredible physiques with personality and flair.  This division is ideal for the woman who would like to compete but have trouble gaining – or chooses not to gain – the amount of muscle development needed to be competitive in figure.” How you carry yourself and your interaction with the judges will take you far.  A little harmless flirting with the audience seems to be a winning aspect too.

Learn Your Poses

Come on.  If you are going to put all your time, energy and money to compete on stage in a skimpy bikini, make it worth your wild and learn the poses.  There’s nothing more embarrassing than a bikini competitor walking on stage, tripping over her own feet and looking like a deer in the headlights.

Presenting Your Physique Is Fairly Easy If You Learn The Few Basic Rules:

  • How to start your model walk
  • Walking to center stage
  • Going into your front stance
  • Transitioning
  • Going into your back stance
  • Leaving the stage with a bang

Rehearse Your Bikini Posing

Practice, practice, practice.  You need to practice your bikini posing because practice makes perfect. Just because you did step 1, learned the poses, doesn’t mean your homework is finished.  No way girl. You have to practice and make your posing and transitions become second nature.

Practice will make you comfortable with these bikini posing tips and it will cut down on the nervousness because you will feel more confident on stage.  So, to be spot on practice barefoot and perfect that, then practice in your heels and perfect that.  Once you master those two, take it up a notch and practice in front of family and friends.  Yeah, that’s the real test.

Pace Yourself

Don’t rush through your bikini posing like you have a stopwatch clocking you.  Yes, you do have a limited amount of time on stage, but it’s more than enough time to go through your walk, turns, front and back stances and leave with a superb exit.  Breathe, exhale, and pace yourself.

Smile Baby

A good portion of your scoring will go to your smile. If you don’t smile you will look like you are not having fun.  A smile shows that you are excited and are enjoying the competition because you have the opportunity to compete.  Smiling may seem like a small detail, but it packs a powerful punch in how the judges score you.

Total Package

While bikini competitions are judged on your fit physique, the judges are also looking for the complete package.  You need to have a tanned body, have your makeup and hair done and all the other little highlights to make you stand out from the rest.  However, keep things modest and blend.  You want to stand out, but not like a sore thumb.

These are just a few bikini posing tips to help you be stagy-ready for your first bikini competition.  It’s not about having the perfect body, but it’s about taking what you have to the next level and presenting it the best you can.

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Now that you have the general guidelines and bikini posing tips on how to display your physique, you might be interested in the diet breakdown and training that can get you a tight and fit body for your bikini competition.  See below for contest prep information…


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