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Bikini Competition Posing Guide

Here’s a Bikini Competition Posing Guide to Give The Judges are Looking for

bikini competition posing guide

If you want to compete in bikini, you need to get familiar with this bikini competition posing guide.  The bikini division, introduced to the bodybuilding community in 2009, is a new area to allow more women to compete on stage.  Now, they do not have to attain muscle mass or definition.  Basically, the bikini division allows women to display their fit physique with personality and swag.

The bikini division is more about having curves and body-lines.  So, to compete in this class it is recommended that your body fat be in the 10-15% range.  That’s a bit higher than the figure competitors.  In the bikini category, the judges are looking for soft curves combined with beauty and femininity.  Having muscle mass and striations can count against you since the judging panel is looking for a healthy and toned physique.  Your bikini competition posing will help highlight your muscles and lines.

Exactly What IS A Bikini Contest?

The Bikini division is not a body fitness contest.  The judges score on overall body tone, with body parts being firm.  Skin tone needs to be healthy in appearance and cellulite-free.  Each contestant should display a healthy and fit body in an attractive presentation, made possible by proper bikini competition posing.  Muscles should have shape, avoiding muscle separation and definition or extreme low body fat and muscle hardness.  Bikini competitors will be judged on overall shape and conditioning AND NOT muscle development and definition.  Being too muscular or cut will get points knocked off.

Having good posture, confidence, poise and grace, and being comfortable on stage will serve as an advantage.  The basis of this aspect of the show is where beauty comes into play.  Therefore, facial beauty, hair, skin, skin tone, makeup, and presentation are all important.

The Bikini Competition Posing Guide Rules:

  • You must compete in a two-piece suit – legit posing suit or off-the-rack suit
  • Your suit must be v-shaped
  • Thongs or G-strings are not permitted
  • Your suit should be in good taste
  • You can wear jewelry
  • You must wear high heels
  • Platform heels are not permitted

Bikini Height Classes

You will be grouped by your height at check-in.  The contest promoters can allow as many height classes as they see fit.

4 Height Classes

  • Class A – Up to 5’2”
  • bikini model posingClass B – Over 5’2” – 5’4”
  • Class C – Over 5’4” – 5’6”
  • Class D – Over 5’6”

3 Height Classes

  • Class A – Up to 5’4”
  • Class B – 5’4” – 5’5’
  • Class C – Over 5’6”

2 Height Classes

  • Class A – Up to 5’4”
  • Class B – Over 5’4”

Bikini Competition Posing Guide – The Presentation Round

michelle tyra doing bikini front stanceYour bikini competition posing is important.  The Presentation Round includes the mandatory half turns (front and back only, there are no side stances).  You want to focus on smiling, a sexy walk, wide stances with hip shifts and a hand on a hip. Hold your stances for 2 seconds.

1: Begin Your Model Walk

You will to walk on stage for your solo model walk.  The general bikini model walk usually follows a smooth, sassy, and sexy stride to grab attention.

2: Walk to the Center of the Stage

With a smile, you will walk to the center of the stage using your model walk.  Once you reach the center of the stage stop and go into the front stance.

3: Front Stance

When you go into the front stance your feet should be a little more than shoulder width apart.  Move one hip to the side and slightly back to improve the S-curve illusion of your upper body.  As you do this, stretch out your abs, lift your chest and pull your shoulders back.  Put your hand on the hip that is shifted back and allow the other arm to hang elegantly. This stance should last 2 seconds.

4: Back Stance

After the front stance you will do a full turn, face the rear of the stage, and go into the back stance.  Again, with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart, start your back stance with a C-curve in the small of your back.  This will make your glutes nice and round. Practice this by placing your hand in the small of your back, and as you do, arch your lower back and push your glutes up while standing upright.  Don’t hunch over.  You don’t want to look like you are about to topple over.  You can gain stability by putting your hands on your front thighs.  Avoid squeezing your glutes!  It will just bring out any little imperfection you may have.

5: Exit

Once you finish the back stance turn to face the judges again and then make your sassy exit to the side of the stage.

Making Your Transitions

You want to make smooth turns to add to your presentation.

  1. Take a step forward with the leg that is behind you.
  2. Take a smaller step with the other foot and then pivot.

Comparison Round

figure models posingThe Comparison Round is a mimic of the Presentation Round, but you will be brought back on stage with the other competitors in your class to perform your stances as a group.  This allows each of you do display your physique so they judges can compare each.

Bikini Contest Scoring

The judges will compare the competitors and score based on:

  1. Balance and shape
  2. Complexion
  3. Skin tone
  4. Poise
  5. Overall presentation

Extra Posing Tips:

  • Smile
  • Look relaxed
  • Make smooth stance transitions
  • Confidence
  • Make eye contact with judges
  • Pivot to make your transitions

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