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Best Pre-Contest Supplements

Looking for the BEST Pre-Contest Supplements?

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Competitors are always looking for the best pre-contest supplements.  If you are planning to complete you probably did some researching and came across a multitude products and fat-burning stacks. One of the largest controversies is whether to use pre-contest supplements or not.  I can guarantee you that 99% of the competitors on stage are taking some form of natural supplementation.  So, let’s break it down to the 3 top supplements that will help you keep your lean muscle tissue while you drop body fat.

What to Do First

The first thing a newbie will usually do is stock up on a lot of supplements. Now, most articles you will read will suggest that you don’t need supplements.  They suggest that you can construct a prize-winning physique without them.  You’re told to just implement the ideal prep diet, weight train, and do cardio and viola’, you’re the next winner.

Possibly, but that’s often for the genetically blessed. The majority of us is not genetically-gifted and need some top-quality supplements.  Good supplements help give an energy boost, increase the metabolism, aid in muscle recovery, etc. I’m not going to down pre-contest supplements as they are helpful and the majority of the competitors take them.

Building a muscular physique with body fat in the single digits isn’t the norm and it takes more than general dieting, cardio, and training to prep. To get an extremely low body fat percentage and step on stage, your competition diet will need to be rather restrictive and combined with intense weight training. Contest prep is a process and it may be rather challenging to your body. With the correct supplement agenda you can preserve lean muscle tissue, keep your metabolism on fire, AND burn body fat.

Here Are Some Natural Pre-Contest Supplements For Your Prep:


You MUST consume sufficient protein to build and maintain the muscle required to compete in any physique competition. Generally, the protein ratio is around one gram of protein for each pound of body weight. But, this may vary founded on the athlete’s activity level. In this instance, protein supplementation will be beneficial. Otherwise you are going to be cooking and eating A LOT of meat daily. Consuming two protein shakes daily as snacks really provides you with your protein requirements for contest preparation.


Contest prep workouts and cardio are challenging! Intense weight training and stress depletes your muscles of this wanted amino acid and your body cannot make sufficient quantities of it when you are training hard. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body, and although the body can produce it, it’s not enough to satisfy your body’s demands from training and dieting. To ensure you keep your lean muscle mass and melt your body fat, supplementing with glutamine is very beneficial.

Fat Burning Supplements

There are several forms of fat burners and one of the most popular fat burners are thermos. Thermogenics generate heat through metabolic stimulation, causing your metabolism to fire-up and burn additional calories. Thermogenic fat burners generally work well when cycled to prevent your body from adapting to one set dose.

When taking pre-contest supplements ensure you know what to take, when to take it, how much to take, and when to wean off of it. In addition, one more vital note about supplements is to be sure to choose quality supplements.

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