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BCAA Supplements and How to Take Them

Shocking Evidence Proves That Increased BCAA Supplements Can Enhance Fat Loss And Muscle Gain Up To 80%…

BCAA supplements are extremely effective for muscle recovery and improving the muscle development process. Whether your goal is to just get in shape, build muscle, or prep for a physique competition, adding BCAA supplements to your plan can be an added benefit to help you reach your fitness goal quickly.

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 What Are Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are essential amino acids. This simply means that the body cannot make them.  Therefore you must receive them from your diet or by taking BCAA supplements. The BCAAs include leucine, isoleucine, and valine.  They assist in high-intensity endurance training, building muscle, as well as improving mental function and overall mood. Foods that include BCAAs are protein containing foods such as whey protein, meat, dairy items and legumes.

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Benefits of BCAA Supplements

  • Athletes who supplement with BCAAs tend to have more lean muscle tissue and less belly fat due to the ability of the BCAAs to maintain and preserve muscle glycogen stores.
  • Supplementing with BCAAs improves protein synthesis to prevent muscle loss. This is because the liver doesn’t regulate BCAAs.  The intestines control the other amino acids, and then the liver takes over.  Then, they circulate into other areas of the body. BCAAs, however, go DIRECTLY into the blood stream to go to work immediately.
  • brached chain amino acid tabletsBCAAs improve energy because they are used for fuel during intense training.  This allows for improved and overall .
  • BCAA supplements reduce muscle soreness caused by intense training, to prompt quick muscle recovery.
  • Increased BCAA intake can have a dramatic effect on weight loss. The Poliquin Group states, “a large study of 4,429 subjects found that those with higher BCAA intake were the slimmest and had significantly less chance of being overweight compared to those with lower BCAA intake.”
  • Whey protein isolate has the highest percentage of BCAAs at a whopping 26%, closely followed by milk protein standing at a good 21%

How to Take BCAA Supplements

For intense training sessions, a serving of 4-10 grams works well. Most supplement products serving size is on the lower end at about 4 grams per serving.  This means you can take 1-2 or so servings per dosage. The saying “more is not better,” doesn’t hold up there.  With branched-chain amino acids, more is actually better.  So, if you can afford a double serving per dosage, do it.

BCAAs are great to take before training for optimal performance and right after training to replace the BCAAs in your muscle cells for quick muscle recovery. It’s also good to take BCAA supplements on your off-training days as well.

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