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Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

avoiding the holiday weight gainAvoiding the Holiday Weight Gain

Uh oh, the holidays are approaching. Avoiding the holiday weight gain would be nice.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for all that good food that’s so bad, right? During the holidays, many are thinking about parties, fun, and food, but in the back of your mind you are thinking about that dreadful weight gain.

When the holiday season approaches some just stop their healthy program and throw in the towel until after New Years and others starve themselves until they binge. Life doesn’t have to be so demanding. You can enjoy yourself and still keep your figure. Thanksgiving and Christmas don’t have to have a negative impact. The trick is to keep a balance.

Eat sensibly and exercise. This will prevent excess weight from creeping up and make your weight loss resolution that much easier come January 1st. Below are some simple steps on how to avoid that 5 to 10 pound holiday weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Start before Thanksgiving, not after New Years. Tossing everything aside and waiting for January is a cop out. Accept responsibility, take charge, and make a difference.

 Tip 1 for Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain 

Devise a daily menu and exercise plan. Put it in writing and hang it where you will see it the most. Also, hang a copy on your refrigerator. Continue to eat your regularly scheduled healthy meals and eat party treats in moderation. Have protein bars and MRPs handy.

Tip 2 for Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

Eat normally, even if there is an event later. This will keep your blood sugar stable and prevent overeating and binge eating. This does not mean you can’t indulge; it just keeps you in control. If you starve yourself for the party, you will binge for sure, feel sick, then regret it all night, making you spiral down the next days.

Tip 3 for Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

When you attend parties or events, start off with healthy choices and snacks. Such as fruit, veggies, salads, and meat. You won’t be inclined to indulge in the sugar goodies as fast. Notice I didn’t say you can’t have the sweet treats, they are perfectly fine during this time, if they are kept in moderation and eaten last.

Tip 4 for Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

Drink water or diet sodas at gatherings and limit the alcohol. A drink or two is fine, but if you want to remain fit, it’s best to limit them. Red wine would be the best choice for an alcoholic beverage.

Tip 5 for Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

Exercise every day, even if you can only get 10 minutes in. However, don’t opt for just a mere 10 minutes if you have time to get a full 20 to 30 minutes in. The point is that some exercise is far better than no exercise.


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