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Contest Prep Tricks to Earn 1st Place

The right contest prep tricks can have you ripped on stage. Just look at the competitors who compete. They look outstanding. Do you wonder how they can create such a fine work-of-art using diet and exercise? Believe it or not, there are some tricks-of-the-trade. If you want to compete in a physique competition, then you need to check out these little tips and tricks so you can have a head-turning, stage-ready body.

90% of Your Results Come From This

The precision of your diet is going to be the number one factor in you becoming stage-ready. It's critical that you use the proper dieting format to force your body to shed body fat. When you structure your protein, carbs, and fat the right way, you will build muscle and drop fat.

You should have low body fat and full muscle bellies. These two factors will help to create sharp muscle definition. Keep in mind that the wrong prep diet can cause you to lose muscle and hoard fat. It can also cause you to be flat and stringy on stage.

The Peak Week Effect

Peak week is the last week before your competition. It's time final week where you manipulate your diet, training, cardio, water, and even supplements. When done properly, you draw all the water out from under your skin and redistribute it directly into your muscle cells. Tight skin with well-rounded muscles show your definition well. This will guarantee you a top placement and even a win.

The Truth About Cutting Water

One tactic you need to be aware of the final week is water. Many times, people will cut their water out too soon. The most over-looked contest prep secret is lowering your water intake gradually during peak week. All too often, competitors will cut their water out too far in advance. After a few days with low to no water intake, the body will kick into survival mode, thinking it is not going to be receiving sufficient water to maintain proper body function. Therefore the body will begin to RETAIN water. Your peak week water intake MUST be lowered gradually to prevent water retention.

What the Pro's Want You to Know...

While these contest prep tricks seem unusual, but so is getting your body fat down to 9% or less and oiling up like a basted turkey. If you are going to play the game of competing against other competitors, you need to have the right information to prepare properly. conest prep lessons

Now, if you want MORE information on competition prep to really melt body fat, you need to check out what the IFBB Pro competitors are doing to slash body fat and win competitions! See below for more free information.,.

I can give you so much more information on how to look amazing on stage by simple dietary and training tweak. It's all in your application and timing. Before you go, get my FREE Contest Prep Lessons so you aren't sore thumb standing out on stage.

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