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Aminophylline For Cellulite Reduction

Have you ever thought about aminophylline for cellulite reduction? Is it the real cellulite solution? The truth about cellulite is that it is a common ailment among many women these days. It’s that nagging cottage-cheese hanging around on your lower body and back of your arms. You know that stuff that you are trying to cover up because it’s embarrassing.

aminophylline for cellulite reductionCan Aminophylline for Cellulite Reduction be The Solution?

Every where you look you are bombarded with advertisements, studies, and research promising that one cellulite cure-all method, guaranteed to banish your cellulite with the new “wonder drug” or “break-through” cellulite cream such as Aminophylline. When you come across such “amazing discoveries” take a step back and think about it for a second. If there was such an amazing cellulite break-through, don’t you think it would be prescribed by a doctor or at least be on the news?

Aminophylline for cellulite reduction and other cellulite remedies promising to remove your cellulite with topical applications or odd gizmos are a dime-a-dozen and none of them truly work. If they did, 90% of women wouldn’t have cellulite.

Interesting Ingredient – Aminophylline

A very popular cellulite cream ingredient is aminophylline. Aminophylline is highly-marketed as the cellulite reduction miracle. Many statements claim that it will reduce the lumps and bumps by breaking down the fat cells into fatty acids to be removed by the body. Other claims suggest that it shrinks the fat cells and releases them into particles to be excreted by the body.

Yes, some women report a reduction in the area the topical was applied, but most are not aware that it has dehydrated the area. Yes, aminophylline is a diuretic, which explains the girth reduction many people may experience temporarily when used, and as you may know, diuretic effects are very short-lived.

The real effects of aminophylline is simply minimizing the appearance of your cellulite for a short time …not removing it or curing it.

Aminophylline may come in handy if you have to go to a dinner party or some other gathering, but for a permanent cellulite reduction, it’s best to seek real information rather than quick-fixes.

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