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Acidic Bodybuilders Can’t Lose Fat

acidic bodybuilders can't lose fat

Find Out Why Acidic Bodybuilders Can’t Lose Fat

Acidic bodybuilders can’t lose fat at the rate they would like to.  Perhaps it’s due to their diet.  The bodybuilding community is known for eating a lot of calories, mainly from carbs and protein to supply the energy needed to weight train to build muscle mass, as well as to allow for proper muscle recovery.

A general bodybuilding diet is based on eating 4-7 small balanced meals daily, spaced out during the day to provide a steady supply of nutrients to the muscles. The constant small feedings provide a steady stream of nutrients and a positive nitrogen balance.  Even with all these well-balanced meals, many people really don’t know the quality of the food they put in their bodies and the negative effects of poor quality food.

I’ve seen bodybuilders rely on too many protein drinks and bars, processed oats, deli meats, processed dairy and other man-made foods as the staple of their diet. I’m not here to blow sunshine up your skirt, but anything that was created by man contains less nutrients (if any), and only creates toxins in your body.

When your body accumulates toxins it can’t function as it should. The damaging effects of toxins stored in your body can diminish muscle gains and slow down your fat-loss efforts, slow down your metabolism, and completely drain your energy level. The problem with eating processed foods is in the toxins is releases into your bloodstream. The toxins alter your blood pH balance, making you acidic.

processed food and fat loss

It’s Not Only Poor Food Quality

Often times, when acidic bodybuilders can’t lose fat, it is due to personal care items.  You receive toxins from man-made food and you absorb them through your skin because your skin is the largest organ on your body.  Read the labels on your personal care products. They are loaded with chemicals!  These chemicals are toxins and when your body absorbs them they take over, robbing your body of nutrients.

Anti-Freeze, a toxin, is conveniently renamed Propylene Glycol.  This ingredient, or rather chemical/toxin, can be found in big name brand products such as Colgate, Salon Selectives, Lubriderm, Herbal Essence, etc.  It’s a fact that products look so innocent and healthy are the same ones destroying your muscle gain and fat loss goals due to creating acidic conditions in your body.

pesonal care products with toxins

The Effects Toxins Have On Your Body

As discussed, toxins trapped in your body can slow down your metabolism, making fat loss and muscle gain nearly impossible, and rob you of every last bit of energy.  You see, the toxins get trapped in the fatty tissues and cells in your body and bloat you since they cause your body to retrain fluid to dilute the foreign component.  Dr. Mercola states, “Most personal care products on the market contain toxic chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and triclosan – chemicals linked to hormonal imbalance, toxicities, reproductive health problems, and even cancer. Instead of nourishing your skin, these chemicals will disrupt your skin and overall health.”

When the toxins fill your cells, they trap fat in them as well, and hold the fat hostage there.  Once the fat is trapped it can’t be released to be burned.  The more toxins build up, the more fat is trapped and stored in your cells.

If that’s not bad enough, the toxins alter your blood pH, making you ACIDIC!  When you are acidic you are very low on minerals and your body cannot function properly.  With an acidic pH you can’t burn fat; you are more prone to illnesses, and more apt to develop degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, osteoporosis, etc.

toxins trapped in fat cells

How Do You Find Your Blood pH?

It’s really quite simple. You can find your pH level by taking a saliva or urine test on a pH test stick or Litmus Paper. Samples taken first thing in the morning are best. You can get also get a good saliva reading about two hours after a meal.

The Balancing Act

Now that you understand how easy it is to become toxic and how toxins can kill muscle gain and fat loss efforts, don’t you think it’s time to do something about it?

If you can regulate your blood pH and bring it to a natural level, your cells will let go of the fat (how nice) and allow them to be burned with diet and exercise. This can boost your metabolism and energy, ignite fat loss, and allow you to build the muscle you never thought you could.

My one-on-one personal clients in the gym and online know me on a personal basis and they will tell you that I’m genuine.  I got into this business to help people get healthy and feel better about themselves and make people more aware and learn the truth about fat loss and muscle gain.

You can’t lose body fat if your body isn’t performing optimally. Your body isn’t performing optimally if you are acidic.  A muscle performs work using nutrients provided by the bloodstream with the chief element of an oxygenated rich environment.  Toxins destroy such circumstances and this is why it is essential to put nutrients and minerals back.

balancing act for diet

Minerals Are The Key

Your body is made up of water, oxygen and minerals… just like the Earth. You need these in balance to live and for your body to function properly. When these are out of balance, you become acidic.  Acid drives out oxygen, but oxygen and minerals drive out acid. If you can put oxygen and minerals back in the quickest way possible (skin and mouth), you can be healthy, lose fat, and build muscle at a much faster rate.

“By increasing oxygen, you can bring your body’s metabolic process into balance.”
~ R. Dunham



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