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6 Reasons Why Exercise Programs Fail

6 reasons why exercise programs fail
Want to Know Why Your Exercise Programs Fail?

Your exercise programs fail all the time.  Right?  Perhaps if you just tweak a few things and know what you are in for at the start, it can finally work in your favor.  Let’s go over a few reasons why exercise programs fail so you can finally make it a success this time.

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Exercise programs typically fail due to not having a clear goal.  Setting goals is one of the most important aspects in anything you attempt.  What do you want to accomplish and in what time frame?  If you don’t have concrete goals, you don’t have a plan.  You should set short-term goals (daily and/or weekly) as well as long-term goals (monthly and/or yearly).  Goals give you vision and depth.  They allow you to work toward something, rather than floating around aimlessly with nothing to shoot for.

Jumping in with both feet

Exercise programs commonly fail due to lack of wiggle room.  Jumping into a fitness program with both feet is very common.  Many times people get all jacked-up with their goals and exercise program and have a do-or-die attitude.  Granted, it’s a good attitude to have, but it can also be a legacy.  Michael Stefano at tells us, “Unfortunately, overzealous beginners start out doing too much and a month later theyre completely sick of exercising and quit. You need to spread enthusiasm out over a period of time.”

Begin your program slowly by taking small successful steps each day, week, and month rather than just diving into the program and hitting rock bottom suddenly.  You must have elbow room to ensure success.  The body does respond to small amounts of exercise and those who begin by doing too much too quickly end up on the sidelines due to burnout.

Carrying all your eggs in one basket

Exercise programs usually fail because the person carries all their eggs in one basket.  An example is people start their fitness by cutting calories, adding endless hours of cardio, and popping weight loss supplements left and right.  Your body adapts very quickly and if you use all your resources at one time, you won’t have anything to fall back on when you hit a stalling point.  Begin lowering calories slowly and adding cardio slowly.  Keep harmony and balance.  After a few weeks you can incorporate the supplement of your choice to help give the body a boost.

Not knowing where to begin

Exercise programs fail due to not having a starting point.  Not knowing where to begin is not uncommon.  Many people don’t have a starting point or know how to create one.  Establishing a starting point is crucial and can be a significant factor in your success.  A quality starting point should include your current body status (weight and body fat percentage). This will allow you to determine your caloric base and macronutrient intake. In addition to your stats, you need to make a fitness plan to include resistance training and cardio to build lean muscle and decrease body fat.

Not following the fitness plan

Exercise programs often fail because people don’t follow their fitness program as outline.  This can be anything from not doing it at all or simply doing too much.   If you create a plan of weight training four days a week for 45 to 60 minutes and cardio for four days a week for 30 minutes for the first week and cardio 40 minutes the second week, then do that.  Don’t overstate your cardio before it’s time.  More is not better.  It’s how you implement it.

Improper nutrition

Exercise programs typically fail due to eating the wrong foods too much.  You can exercise until you are blue in the face and you won’t see desired results until your nutrition is in order.  Many venturing onto a fitness program choose poor quality food rather than whole food that nourishes the body.  Your diet is 90% of your body transformation.

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